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Another question about my pending puppy adoption....?

The rescue org that has the litter of shih tzu pups at the adopt-a-thon required an application, which I did. They didn't check my references but said my application was good and approved me. They charge $125 to adopt a female shih tzu pup and $100 deposit returned when I get her spayed.

I asked the man who runs the rescue how he obtained these puppies and was told that he got them from a puppy mill. He said that the puppies were too old to go to a petstore (they would have been about 8 weeks at the time) so the mill called this rescue group to place them. He said that this happens frequently.

Does this sound reasonable? Once again I find myself questioning whether or not this is a responsible process. I'm very concerned about the number of rescues that I have talked to with major red flags.... they all seem to be rescues that use only fosters and have puppies available. The shelters and pound never have small breed puppies!


Total price = $225 then 100 returned at time of spay which I will do. The pups are heartworm neg and have their first round of shots. The rescue tells me that they were inspected by a vet and overall healthy; no murmurs, eyes and ears healthy, etc.

I'm just not sure what to do. I really think a puppy is in the best interest for our exsiting dog.

AM I BETTER OFF getting a puppy from a rescue that perhaps is supporting simply by offering them a solution ~OR~ am I better off buying one from a breeder?

Also note, I don't see how these pups couldn't be sold at a pet store. They are the right size, shape, color, etc.

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    Check out the rescue group and see if there are any complaints. You can call your local SPCA to do this. If they confirm that the rescue group is a upstanding group, I would go ahead with your adoption.

    I want to alert you first: Puppy mill dogs MAY have medical problems that may not be evident at first. They may have heart, eye and hip problems as well as metabolic problems that may not show up until they reach adulthood (diabetes, thyroid and endocrine and kidney) problems. Because the breeding was done without regard to health, puppy mill dogs tend to be less healthy then dogs that are bred by reputable breeders. So if you are willing to take on the possibility of medical problems, not just now, but later in your puppy's life, I would go forth with the adoption. It doesn't mean that the puppy WILL have problems, its just a risk that is taken. I have a rescue puppy mill dog and I know that he may have problems and I am willing and able to take on those problems as they occur, if they occur. He is the best dog though, and I love him without condition.

    Good luck! Shih tzus are wonderful!

    Additional Info added: Again I will reiterate, the medical issues may not be apparent now when they are little. They may show up in adulthood. So if you are willing to take on that issue then go for it. Ok, rescue is taking the pups before they make it to the pet store so pet store and puppy mill is not profiting. You are not contibuting to the puppy mill situation because you are just paying for covered expenses. Puppy mills sell to pet stores, inferior, poorly bred animals that are sometimes very sick and very over vaccinated and the pet stores sell to public for exorbenent prices. THAT's what contributes to the profiting of a puppy mill. Not you purchasing for a minimal amount from a rescue agency. What I suggest is you go look as many Shih tzu breeder sites as you can and look up what each breeder breeds for...most are temperment and health, and look for the puppy that closest fits that match. Also go to the AKC site and see what the standard for that breed is. If you pick a pup, bring it to the vet as soon as you can, for an independent opinion. Make sure your contract with the rescue group has a plan for sick or genetic issues if your vet finds any, so you will be protected and not stuck paying high vet bills right from the start.

    I hope that better clarifies the situation.

    Source(s): Owner of dogs for 18 years
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    So it is 225.00 total cost and you get 100 back IF you decide to get her spay and bring them proof. So even though it isn't spay on the front end you pay 125.00 for a pup... from a puppy mill. The man did NOT check your ref. Is this poor darling ever received any Vet care?

    I don't know dear. This sounds a bit shady to me. IT sounds like a way for a puppy mill to keep from taking a total loss on reject puppies to me.

    It is really a sad thing.

    I would trust your red flags. If what I think is true then you are actually supporting a mill even though you seem to be trying so hard to do a good thing!


    I am not implying that you are irresponsible and would not get the pup spay. What I am saying is that it is a supposed rescue but they are giving you an option. Not the way things are done. Are they giving you papers as well? Also a red flag.

    I would completely avoid this mess.

    I would find a good breeder and get a great puppy if you can't find what you are looking for at the shelter of from a reputable rescue.

    The more I read the more I am convinced that this is just a puppy mill "bargain" basement.

    You sound like a highly intelligent person. Please don't support things like this.

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    Who sponsored the adopt-a-thon. Ask them if he is real. It sound like it is probably the truth. I would like to think an organized adoption event would know all the rescue groups. Many of them do work together to place animals. They all coordinate facilities and space available and move the animals around to the best facility. The shih tzu web site may even be familiar with him.

    See if you can find out where his home base is so you can visit him in the future if you need some help. If he is a flake he will not give you that information.

    Ask him if the pup has been to the vet and you can check with the vet.

    good luck

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    Eight weeks seems a bit early to make the puppies un-saleable by a mill.

    But, it may be the puppies were too large to sell for full price. I have heard of the problem of puppies being "too big" to sell, so breeders/millers of small breed dogs choose to just get rid of them by calling a rescue. (Which is better than shooting them, which I have heard of as well).

    Honestly, if something doesn't feel right to you, it probably isn't.

    And you are correct, that many small dog rescues rarely have puppies, unless they are "accidents" and the breeder does not want them because they are obviously not full-blooded Shih-tzu, Yorkie, etc.

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    hear say only i have heard that puppy mills do a lot of in-

    breeding . it might help to see if the pup has had shots, check up, get the vets name and check it out. if not there could be future health problelem

    i made that mistake once on a cat for my daughter,

    keep checking the pounds, or mayble leave your number and have them call you when they get puppys.

    how can you be approved if you are not checked out??????.

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    That is a wonderful deal Take it..... $25.00 for a shih tzu (pure breed) you would be crazy not too, and your other dog will be fine, I would actually get the puppy before your husband gets home, so the other dogs gets a couple of days with the new kid, before daddy gets home and is more jealous

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    If you don't think those pups are in good hands buy one and get it away from them

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    yes,I think you should get one if that's what u really want.maybe try to help the mill to get good homes!best of luck on your decision!

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