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Physicians Formula Mineral Foundation???????

Anyone ever tried it??? how did you like it????

If you HAVE tried it have you tried any other brands like Bare Minerals???? and how do they compare????

I was using Bare Minerals for the last three years, but I think it was the reason for my breakouts..... so I want to find something that covered as well as it did (and looks natural) but doesn't contain Bismuth Oxychloride...... (which is in Bare Minerals).....

I found Physicians Formula Mineral Makeup and I'm trying it right now...... I wanted to see what other people though of it!

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    I like PF Mineral Wear, I keep the compact in my purse, which is great for touch ups. I like it better then Bare Essentials because it doesn't leave that sparkly film (mineral veil) on my face. I have just recently started trying the mineral blush from avon and it is very nice.

    Honestly, it is probably not the reason for your breakouts. It could be stress or other issues. Make sure you are washing your face with a gentle cleanser (like cetaphil) and using an oil free moisturizer twice a day. Use an exfolliating scrub 3 x per week.

    Hope you like PF!

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  • I like Physicians Formula. My problem with it is that my skin becomes flaky in the winter and PF accentuates that...

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    Physicians Formula caused me to break out something awful. They test on animals.

    A Friend introduced me to Nicole Miller. It's hypoallergenic, does not test on aminals and has NEVER caused me to break out.

    I love it.

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    i havent tried physician formula. but i heard they are good for your skin

    if you have acne u should try using clinique. their products are for acne prone skin and it's healthy. =]

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