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does beauty have any definitions,how do we define someone beautiful/ugly or whatsoever?

does beauty have any definitions,how do we define someone beautiful/ugly or whatsoever.or is it all artificially created by our societies and cultures to create differentiations among humans, human races,boys and girls???

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    While somethings are recognized as beautiful by many...the description of beauty is, after all, finally in the hands of the one making the judgment.

    If most find a sunset beautiful, some will find it...mundane.

    If I like a young, tight female with breasts the size of a modest handful (we used to call it..."an aristocratic hand full"); another guy will favor a woman with a really large derriere and ample bosom.

    It is almost always a matter of opinion.

    Truth be known, beauty is probably the least important trait a person can have...long ter..

    I admit the sad realization that beautiful people get a better opportunity to succeed that plain people; it is one of the many human failings from which we genuinrly suffer.

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    It is often a cultural thing; in some societies, beauty is measured by the pound. Grossly obese women are considered beautiful.

    In one area where I once worked, women who were fat and moon-faced were all married to the native men.

    Women whom the white foreigners considered beautiful, were ignored by the native men and all married to the foreigners.

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, after all. People tend to marry those who resemble their favorite relatives.

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    Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. I admire people who sees beyond physical looks. They have a gift of seeing the real person.

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    Some people say "Y'all she's so ugle she's cute"

    Here are some good examples.


    The Olson Twins

    The Geico Frog

    Maybe You

    Who's to judge,the fact taht you ask such a mean spirited question makes me suspicious of you, but remember we are all gettin old and will whither and die

    Have a nice day. Jebus bless you

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    beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

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    mostly ppl might say that beauty is measure by the face... but for me as a girl, i always measure from their heart and creadibility to do anything without thinking what ppl want to say..

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    uuummm ppl have different definitions of beauty.

    sum go by the face others by their body.

    n other ppl by the person's personality.

    but yeah everybodys beauty is different.

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