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Dom asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

Can you Compare Robert Owens factories and Richard Arkwright?

Can you compare the conditions and whatnot, and help me, please?

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    richard Arkwright invented the first mechanical spinning machine. He entered into partnership with Jediah Strutt of Derby, and set up a large water-powered factory at Cromford, in Derbyshire in 1771. In 1775 he took out a fresh patent for various additional improvements to his design. His success stimulated others to copy his design, and in 1781 he prosecuted nine different manufacturers, which led to him losing his letters patent in 1785. His machine diminished the demand for labour, and in 1779 his mill near chroley was destroyed by a mob. In 1790 he introduced the steam engine into his works at Nottingham.

    Robert Owen married the son of David Dale, and bought from him the cotton-mills and manufacturing village he had established with richard Arkwright at new Lanark in Scotland. Owen established a model comunity with improved housing and working conditions, and built a school (including the world's first day-nursery and play-ground, and also evening classes) and a village s tore, the cradel of the co-operative movement. In 1813 he formed new Lanark into a new company with Jeremy Bentham and others who shared his socialist views.

    I think Arkwright was an inventor and businessman who probably was not greaty interested in improving the social conditions of his workers etc, whereas Owen was a social reformer and visionary rather than an inventor. They probably had very different views of society and different goals. But we know a lot about what owen thought about things because he wrote books about his views and vision of the future, as in 'A New View of Society'(1813). I think Arkwright was probably more of a practical man of business than an idealistic visionary.

    Source(s): Chambers biographical Dictionary
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    Arkwright Owens

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    The following is an interesting line cut from the second answer:

    "Robert Owen married the son of David Dale"

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    I know Robert Owen! But he's alive now sooo I am thinking hes probably not the same dude. Good luck Mr. Jonas.

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    Hey! Someone in my facebook group shared this question so I came to check it out. I'm definitely enjoying the information. I'm bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers!

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    I must agree with pp (the first answerer) it is always better to do your own research as you might learn something you could use in the future

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    I could, but that would only help you in the short term.

    What you need to do is

    Google or get off your butt, and find a book on the subject.

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