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What kind of fuse could I use?

Hi, I made a Glow Plug Igniter(for nitro r/c cars) out of a 1000mah rechargable sub C battery. I need a fuse on the + side in case of a short. There is not any room for a normal bus or atc fuse. Is there a component that can be used as stand alone, (such as a resistor in line to drop voltage for an LED), only I need something that will blow if shorted. I'am handy with a soldering iron and basic electronics, so don't be afraid to go technical on me. Thanks Very Much, Brad


Sorry, I used a Cable tv connector as the base.The center contact moves a little, so I don't know if it would touch the - side and melt down. It works great but I put it in my pocket, so I don't want any surprises. Thanks Again

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    if there's no room for a fuse

    then you should make room a subsitute for a fuse will be larger

    you could use a thermistor ...there is a range of ptc which are designed to switch to high impedance if the current exceeds the trip value

    or look at the Polyswitch

    but at typical charging current or glowplug currents

    a fuse is easier

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    I don't see a reason to fuse this circuit. The glow plug is basically a short anyway. Perhaps a bit more info is needed.

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    radioshack sells mini-fuses, like 1cm long.

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