What are some good tips for applying blush that make your cheekbones look more defined and your face thinner?

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    take an angled blush brush and swirl it into some bronzer. suck your cheeks in and apply it to the part that is sucked in. then take a fluffy blush brush and swirl it into some blush. dmile and then apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks. blend the 2 and voila!

    you can also use some products made specifically for contouring, but it's a bit harder for me to explain rather than show you.

    you can go to a cosmetic counter at the mall and they will show you the proper techniques and products to use to create the look you are going for!

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    blush cannot shape the face. blush, by definition, is colorful and draws attention to itself.

    you want a neutral flesh toned makeup, powder or cream, that is slightly darker than your skintone. press your fingers into your cheeks so that you can feel the depression under the cheekbone. apply the darker color there, fading up towards the ear and downwards toward the mouth. there should be no hard edges.

    some people with broad faces benefit from a little shading at the temples as well.

    look for "The Art of Makeup" by Kevyn Aucoin or "Designing Your Face" by Way Bandy at your local library. Makeup is not easy to do, contrary to what the makeup companies tell you, and you will have to practice practice practice.

    the face is also altered by change in hairstyle and shape of eyebrows. overly thinned brows or round shaped brows will exaggerate a round face.

    most importantly, learn to appreciate YOUR face. be happy with what you have.

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    Using a duel blush set, use the darker color under the cheekbone, and apply the lighter color directly on the cheekbone. Apply lightly and don't forget to blend!

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    Squeeze the blusher applicator on it's hair stuff and suck your cheeks in and apply on cheekbones

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  • cioeta
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    3 years ago

    circulate to a makeup counter to have somebody coach you a thank you to with a bronzer. MAC has the suited bronzers that i be responsive to of. no longer merely will they coach you a thank you to compliment the staggering coloration, yet they are going to additionally provide you a small lesson on a thank you to top carry on with the bronzer so which you do no longer finally end up looking overdone, as many do! the suited thank you to stay with bronzer is contained in the form of three. commencing on the brow/hairline (the staggering of the three) deliver the comb into the apples of your cheeks (the middle leg of the three) and then down into the jawline (the backside leg of the #3) in a single even stroke. comparable on the different ingredient, merely in a opposite 3! you're able to desire to easily ought to swirl your brush, no longer push your brush into the bronzer! merely a pair of swirls is needed for one application. continually commence out with slightly on the commencing up, you could continually placed on extra, yet no longer something is worse than loaded on bronzer!! If any makeup is worn once you circulate to the sea coast, to maintain it as organic and sunkissed as achievable, attempt merely donning water-resistant mascara (i admire Loud Lash by skill of MAC, its so water-resistant, no longer even an afternoon contained in the sea will make it run!) and a tinted lipbalm or lipgloss! verify you have that extra SPF in it besides! have relaxing on the sea coast!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    to define the cheekbones, u must use a sculpting brush and sweep upwards.

  • K
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    1 decade ago

    Suck your cheeks in then put it on brushing upwards towards your ear.

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