What is the best engineering major for females?

I need to decide for a major, mechanical eng, electronics and communications eng, electrical eng or instrumentation and control?

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    It only depends on what you like to do. Women can do any of these professions just as well as men. I don't see why there would be or should be a gender difference. The important thing is that YOU pick something that YOU love to do. My usual answer to people who are undecided about what kind of engineering they should do is not to go into engineering at all. You are most likely not prepared for what engineering is and you will be very disappointed by the realities of engineers.

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    The decision comes down what you want and what you are good at.

    The best way is to talk to different women engineers to see if they would make the same choices again.

    Civil Engineering is good for females because the jobs are everywhere, you can leave it and come back to and people will ask you why you took so long to go to the bathroom. The down side the pay is generally lower than the other engineers and you may have to perform some field work.

    Industrial engineering is good because you are in the engineering field closest to business. You will work with other business is work environments. The pay in moderate. You can easily switch into a pure business environment later.

    The other engineering, chemical, electrical, and ceramic may get more pay, but may experience more change if one leaves the field for an extended time. May have to move more job opportunities.

    Cheers and good luck!

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    Apply has an engineering major. Schools and companies both want more women engineers.

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    You're gonna make Sally Ride cringe.


    I majored in electrical engineering. I had buddies in Mechanical and Civil. I don't remember any of us ever using our male genitalia to solve any of our homework problems. Do what interests you. Nobody here can tell you what that is. Youngstown State University made Intro to Engineering mandatory for would be Engineering Majors. It helped understand the different types of Engineering. Your university probably has something like that. If not talk to one of the advisers. Most Phd's have some experience in at least two areas of Engineering. In my experience most are passionate about their area of interest and given the proper time, enjoy telling young people about it. Hope this helps.

    Try this one:


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    Investigate each; looking at university and professional organization websites; especially SWE:


    My mother is an Engineer - specialized in metallurgy, and got her PE. She retired from UL in 1995. I have a friend in her 40's who is a Mechanical Engineer who used to work on systems for the Space Shuttle.

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    Petroleum engineering at UT Austin. we dont have enough women in the department. Its kinda ackward.

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    No difference these`days....if i will u....either i go for what is easiest for me so that i can score good marks.....or what i like most then i enjoy most....or i think the best is what nobody wants.....then i will e in high demand.......naval technology......which will almost cover everything!!!

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    mechanical engg you gonna find only guys.

    electrical is the most complicated branch.

    instrumentation is the one i would ask you to go for.

    but the best best and the most challenging one is


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