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The First Forks?

I assume people have been eating with a knife for a while. When did they start using a fork and whois credited with inventing it? Thanks.

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    Kitchen forks trace their origins back to the time of the Greeks. These forks were fairly large with two tines that aided in the carving and serving of meat. The tines prevented meat from twisting or moving during carving and allowed food to slide off more easily than it would with a knife.

    By the 7th Century CE, royal courts of the Middle East began to use forks at the table for dining. From the 10th through the 13th Centuries, forks were fairly common among the wealthy in Byzantium, and in the 11th Century, a Byzantine wife of a Doge of Venice brought forks to Italy. The Italians, however, were slow to adopt their use. It was not until the 16th Century that forks were widely adopted in Italy.

    In 1533, forks were brought from Italy to France when Catherine de Medicis married the future King Henry II. The French, too, were slow to accept forks, because using them was thought to be an affectation.

    An Englishman named Thomas Coryate brought the first forks to England after seeing them in Italy during his travels in 1608.

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    The twelfth-century Italians were the first people known to use a two-pronged fork for eating. By the 1600s, forks and knives were commonplace eating utensils in France and in England; the first fork was brought to North America in 1630 by John Winthrop, governor of the Massachusetts colony.

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