why not launch comic books on vietnam war, korean war, somalia war, iraq war, afghanistan war?


why not launch comic books on the many millions who died during world war 2 and 1, the rowanda genocide, the abu ghraib, the gitmo conentration camps etc,

and why is it ok to doubt how many people died in iraq and elsewhere but not those during the holocaust? and why don't we imprison those who question the merits of the iraq invasion, an invasion based on a pack of lies.

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    Actually there were some comic books made about WW2 and the Civil War and I believe a few about WW1,possibly Korea too. I'm not sure there would be a market for war comics now though.

    added. since I am just killing time, I thought I would research my answer for you. I used to read some of the DC comics about war. I did find out some new info though because of your question. I'll try to post the links tomorrow,yahoo wouldn't let me right now.

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    To start were not at war. And to compare Vietnam to Iraq or Afghanistan is hard, to many variables to much difference. Afghanistan was to stop Taliban and other "bad guys" Iraq we had no business other then killing Sadam. Bt to be honest trying to put a democracy into either of those countries isn't going to happen. For example U.S. government wastes time arguing With two major parties, whilst Iraq has about 500. All I can see in common is that the powers that be screwed the pooch both times.

  • Truth of the matter is, it took a very long time for the events of WW2 to become mainstream knowledge. There were isolated pockets of modern civilization that were unaware of the Holocaust for more than 50 years.

    As someone who has served in Iraq, I can honestly say that the fight there is very different from the one of WW2, and that there are bad people on both sides of the conflict, but sadly, as in any war, Innocent lives will alway be destroyed and lost.

    Vietnam is one of America's darkest memories, and we have seen how the movie industry has depicted most vets as broken madmen, emphasizing the atrocities commited by many.

    Korea was a brutal animal in itself, but the world was still high off our victory in WW2 so the glow of nationalism overshadowed alot. Not to mention the blatant opposition to commmunism on a global scale only vamped up the war.

    As far as comics, I recall a title 'The Army at Love' it made a big stink when it came out, though it was more about American solidiers and their relationships in Iraq, but it may lean more towards what you are looking for.

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    You have some great ideas that would make a lot of money if you can stay out of court long enough to get them published and distributed.

    Remember also that America is one of the few nations of the world that allows its enemies to live among us. We even educate them. So don't be surprised if your publisher gets bombed.

    The media, radio, tv, are basically owned by a handfull of families now , much like the banks. So getting the whole story on anything is virtually impossible. The focus is on the emotion, how does this make you feel, or how worried should we be, instead of just the facts. Anything to foster debate ,conjecture and opinion. Most of it is a complete waste of time, however as long as people like you buy it, they will keep selling it!

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    The truth about Iraq is too ugly for Americans to face I think---that we have become the very thing we were taught to hate.

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    Where the hell did you get these ideas? - Exploiting the many millions who died is not comical. Got to hell!

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