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nuclear weapons?

i have asked this before but i didnt see mine in the board .why israel didnt use of its nuclear or chemical weapons in the last war by lebananon? could he use it or not if not why? its clear that israel was defeated in that war and hezbollah the winner of the 33days war. wasnt it?

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    I used to be a B52 pilot. When I flew it back then we were the only plane the US used to drop nuclear weapons. I learned a lot about the power and affects of those weapons. If one country, I do not care which one, uses a nuclear weapon, then someone will respond and then someone else, and so on and so on. The US has over 5000 warheads. Don't forget the warheads that France, Russia, Iran, North Korea, China, India, Pakistan, Britain, and several of the ex-Soviet Union States. Not all of those countries will show restraint when it comes to using those weapons. One warhead by anyone will start World War 3. It will be the shortest war, the deadliest war, and the final war for the human race.

    Why did not Israel use WMD? Easy, the war was a tie or was over as far as Israel cared. WMD would have proved politically suicide for the state of Israel. Plus, the did not need to. And it has never been proved that Israel has nuclear weapons. There only answer has always been no comment. That says a lot. Either they really do have them or they are very good at implying that they have them.

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    You don't pop nukes to deal with fleas.

    Nukes are only for use when national extinction is being threatened, and for no lesser cause.

    Invading Lebanon to deal with Hamas doesn't even come close.

    And no, I'd not say that Israel was defeated. Did they meet all their goals? No. Did they get bloodied? Yeah. But, in the end, they pushed Hamas pretty far back, killed a lot more of them than Hamas killed, and generally got their point across.

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    Israel was pounding Lebanon on a daily basis and the international community stepped in to stop them from being totally destroyed and starting a larger war.

    They didn't use WMDs because it was not necessary to do so.

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    It is not Israel's wish to destroy the people of Lebanon. It is to stop attacks by Hezbollah from Lebanon. It is only Hamas and Hezbollah that wish to destroy Israel. They have stated such on numerous occasions. It is not the Israeli's that use Down's syndrome women to carry bombs, but Muslim extremists in Iraq. I see morality on one side and very little on the other.

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    The State of Israel wasn't threatened! Trust me, if Israel was near collapse the Arabs would pay dearly.

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    The weapons war head was to big, even if it carried only one.


    Which is why Rummy wanted mini nukes, remember... he requested them shortly after the 2k bomb in Florida that scared the wiwi of everyone that felt it.. he referred to a mini that could affect a mile radius...

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    if phenylalanines provoque alterations in the DNA, ¿what will provoque nuclear weapons?, is not possible finish with people without damage or alter all around. Are we a monsters?, I suggest eat your enemy, so would dissapear without more damage.

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    Why the hell would ANYONE want to even consider using nuclear weapons on anyone?

    Nukes are fairly prolific among war-minded folks......and the phrase "mutually assured destruction" comes to mind.

    The real question is why don't people awaken out of their brain slumber and stop warring against one another.

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    Use of nuclear weapons is a definite Murder/suicide. Yes, you would be winning and the price you pay is certain destruction of yourself.

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    they didn't have to.and fall out would be a far as hezbollah winning,lol. then why aren't they living there.

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