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Alaskan husky, malamute/ Siberian?

why are they all just a husky? when someone says" thats a husky" what dog are they most likely refering too? i know there are also alaskan huskies but what are they? i thought alaskan huskys were mutts are they actually a breed?


so alaskan huskies are a breed but just not reconized by the akc? if so does anyone have any info on them, i honsestly thought they were mutts

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    Alaskan huskies aren't even an unrecognized breed, they're a *type* - Basically, if a dog is a 'Northern" type dog with a good double coat, has strong, sound paws, a strong desire to pull, and a willingness to run, you can call it an Alaskan and no one can authoritatively tell you you're wrong. Those are the base attributes that mushers look for when breeding dogs. Mushers are constantly breeding in new blood lines, always looking for that superior dog, and couldn't care less about the 'breed standards' of the AKC or UKC - But they'll *know* their dogs' bloodlines better than most AKC breeders know their own!

    Sibes are just another kind of Husky, though they've been defined with breed conformation standards, so are an official breed. Malamutes also have an official 'standard' so are a breed, for all that they were originally bred up as village dogs. There are other kinds of Husky, too - Seppalas, Greenland, Chinooks, and so on... Sibes and Alaskans don't have a lock on the 'Husky' name.

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    Usually when someone just says "husky" they mean a siberian - it's what most people are familiar with.

    In the case of the Alaskan Husky it isn't so much a breed as a type, bred for a specific purpose. Think of it as a breed in development. The dogs are not bred willy-nilly or without thought like a designer mutt - Alaskan Huskys are the ultimate sled dog.

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    Who knows. People call our Malamute a husky. he he he I think most people just call any dog that resembles a wolf a Husky. If it has gray fluffy hair, it's a Husky to most people.

    Technically speaking, a Husky is any dog with Husky in the name. It could be a Siberian Husky (a breed of dog) or it could be an Alaskan Husky (a sled dog).

    As I wrote above, people will even call an Alaskan Malamute a Husky but that isn't correct. Their short name is Malamute or Mal.

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    Alaskan Husky is a mix of any dogs including the Siberian Husky that have the endurance to pull a sled.

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    Huskies are a breed(alaskan, siberian) , a malamute isnt a husky, rather being a large similar like husky used for power sledding.

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    Husky for some people can just be a dog with those traditional markings. I have seen a lot of mixed breed dogs that carry on the husky markings and still be referred to as a husky even though they are not even close to purebred. Some bybs can easily take husky mixes and breed them, and con people into thinking they are some type of rare breed husky. I've seen it happen. Its just so....sick! Bybs in Alaska are notorious for this, never buy a husky or malamute in Alaska with out AKC papers. Most of them are just heinz 57 mutts with husky markings.

    If you look at ALL the pictures of "alaskan huskies" here, you can tell that they are not a breed of dog.

    Many of them do not even look close to one another. Look at the beige one in the middle of the screen that looks like some type of greyhound mix.

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    Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamutes. They're two different breeds. Alaskan Malamutes are the bigger ones.

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    hmm... if it helps (and it probably doesn't), my old dog was 1/2 malamute, and it's a pure, actual breed.

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