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What is the probability that someone can ace (in golf) in every minute of the hour (1-60) given 265 aces?


Random aces.

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    First of all, the number of events per given period of time is undeterminable unless the event is somehow time dependent, as I suspect it is not. You may need to know this for a specific number of trials. Secondly, you may be having trouble getting an answer here because people don't know what you mean by an ace. It may be, in this kind of activity, that a true probability can't be determined without statistical data. For example, what is the probability of making a hole in one in golf? There aren't enough factors known to come up with an answer. But if one could get some kind of reliable history on hole-in-ones, then odds might be reasonably determinable.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.

    Edit: okay, looking at your question again, it wasn't clear that you meant 265 aces in one hour. This is a different matter. You're asking what are the odds of something occurring every second of an hour if there are 265 results in an hour, (60 minutes). Alas! I don't know. Worded differently, I"ll bet you could get some better math people to answer this. Leave out the golf. That might scare them away.

    Ask: What is the probability of an event occurring (at least) once every minute if it occurs 265 times in one hour? The "at least" makes all the difference here. You *can't* have 265 events per hour occurring *only* once per minute.

    Even though there are many more occurrences than minutes, I suspect the odds are very low that at least one would occur in *every* minute.

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