Don't little kids say the funniest things?

Is there anything funny that your little daughter, son, sister, brother, neice, nephew, cousin or whoever has said when they were younger?

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    My 4 year old comes up with so many I have to write them down.

    Over Christmas we were in the car and he asked my husband to switch to a different Christmas CD because "the Jingle Bells on that CD is off the hook."

    Just today I gave him a kiss and he took his hand and wiped his mouth. I asked him if he was wiping off my kiss and he said "don't worry Mom, I've got them all in my hand."

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    With 7 kids I could be here all night!

    My daughter was about 3 when I told her to put her shoes on so we could go out, she did but I told her they were on the wrong feet, she looked at me completely confused and said "But, they're the only feet I got".

    My other daughter is famous for losing things (especially MY shoes) and if you ask her where they are she puts both hands up in the air and says "I don't know".

    My twin boys went with me to the bank one day. I had to meet with a mortgage specialist. In the office I put one of them on either side of me to prevent fighting. After explaining to the woman what I wanted the lady got up to get some papers. This was a very large woman. As she was leaving the office my son looked around me to his brother and said "Isn't that the fattest a** you've ever seen?". I was completely mortified!!! I know that she heard him. He got that line from the movie Dr.Doolittle, it is no longer allowed in my house!!!

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    when my daughter was 3 or 4, we were at a subway sandwich shop and were were waiting for the woman ahead of us to order her sandwich. I was looking at the menu, and my daughter kept slapping my leg saying "mommy...mommy...mommy, so finally I said "what baby" she says (really loudly) "Mommy, that lady has a fat butt" I was sooooo embarrassed and I said "thats not nice baby, dont say stuff like that!" The woman says "Its okay honey, she was just being honest".

    There was a second time when my daughter was 7. she was having a bad day and kept getting hurt, so my husband told her that getting hurt is not all bad, because you learn a lesson from it, and you try really hard not to do it again, because you know that it will hurt. Later on that same day, we were leaving grandma's house and my husband got out on the passenger side of the car to close the gate behind us. When he was on his way back to the car my daughter decided to open her door, and caught daddy right in the crotch. He was rolling around on the ground, and my daughter was crying and screaming because she hurt daddy. I am out of the car on the passenger side just trying to make sure he is ok, and calm her down too. We finally get back in the car and she is calmer, but still sniffling a few minutes down the road. She says *sniffle sniffle* Daddy....did you *sniffle* did you...learn your lesson? We couldnt help but laugh hysterically! :) @

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    Took kids on an excursion on a container ship in Sydney Harbour. Walking past a door called "Sailor's Mess". Girl asked what was in there. Sailor leading us said go have a look. She went in and came out and said, "Not very messy in there at all."

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    Yes, Little kids say the funniest things!

    When I take my children swimming, My youngest daughter who is 4 years old will put her toes in the water and will fall on her butt on purpose, Start rolling around on the ground/floor, Laughing her little butt off and say "Emily peed in the water" Emily referring to herself. I think it's the most funniest thing ever yet so adorable!

    Source(s): Mom of 3 and 1 on the way
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    Yesterday when my family went to PF changs for dinner my 3 year old sister looks up at the ceiling (there are these round lights mae out of some cloth that looks like animal skin, almost like a huge drum but they are really lights) She asked me what they were for and i said there lights and she puts a finger to her chin obiously in deep though XD then yells.. ''AHA there leak protection!'' and everyone cracked up laughing.

    A few months ago we were shoping in victoria secret and my mom made me drag my sis along to the mall with me. I was picking out some things then suddenly she scream and point to the manican in underwear and yels infron of EVERYONE ''STEPHY SHE HAS A PEE PEE! SO DO I!!! BUT WHY IS SHE IN UNDIES!? MOMY SAID BIG GIRLS CANT GO AROUND NAKED ANYMORE LIKE LITTLE BABIES CAN.'' I was sooooo soo sooo embaresed! I took her hand and ran out of the store.

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    I can never seem to think of anything when I'm under pressure like this!

    I started babysitting my 2-year-old niece a few weeks ago while her mom works, and the first time I put her down for a nap, she said, "No, I'm done with that today."

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    Great question! I love it! My son Josh is 3 and last week I spoke to him about God/Jesus. He saw me watching the Gospel of John before and he saw bits and pieces of it. He wanted to talk to me about it so he became really serious and told me that he needed to help Jesus get the cross down. Josh said he needed to get his tools and get him off.

    Another time, we were at the airport in Malaysia, just arrived and needed to wait in a huge long line at customs. He kept screeming his head off crying, frustrated. I explained to him that once we get through this crazy long line, then we'll leave to our hotel and get some lunch and it'll be fine. He stopped screaming, looked at me with an understanding wide-eyed look, and said, "Oooohhhhh." Ok - then he grabbed his pull along suitcase and left me standing there as he walked underneath every single rope,every person and went to the front of the line. I stopped him just in front of the security guard. Everyone saw it and they were all laughing, but I could not peel him off of the ground. So the guard let us go through first! That was amazing - what a smart kid - he found the solution!

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    Well, my younger cousin was about two at the time. We were sitting in the living room and my brother had brought 2 of his friends in. And they were about 19-20 at tthe time. Well one of his friends was missing a tooth rite in the front of his mouth. My younger cousin looked at me and asked, isnt he too old to missing a tooth. I was so embrassed and took her and left the room. I know its not that funny but it was such a shock!

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    I was in the store the other day and their was a little boy their and he was sitting in the cart and his dad was there and they were waiting for his mom to finish looking at something and the little boy says come on daddy lets just get me a toy and get out of was so cute

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