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Dropped tennis ball! Please help me to solve this problem... thanks a lot?

After you drop a tennis ball of 0.5 kg from rest at a height of 3.8 m onto a hard floor, find the fallowing:

a) what will be the speed of the ball at the instant of contact with the floor?

Thank you!


b) what force does the floor exert on the ball?


c) Over what time does the force act in bringing the ball to rest?



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    a) 8.63*.5

    b) same answer as a bc of = but opposite

    c) (.5)*((3.8)/delta(t))=8.63 solve for t

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    Energy before the drop should equal energy after drop(release and motion of ball)



    h=height from floor


    Energy before:potential energy: mgh

    Energy afterwards: kinetic energy: 1/2 mv^2


    solve for v


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