can some one help me put these words in a sentence?

i need help puting these words in sentences. I lookd them up in the dictionary and i askd my mom for help and she couldnt help me with some, so she told me to come on here and ask. Well here are the words hope you can help

1) abash

2) allure

3) auspicious

4) deferencc

5) demeanor

6) guise

7) immemorial

8) integral

9) purport

10) syndicate

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    While I can understand the allure of getting your homework done the easy way, you should be abashed at the thought of cheating. It's certainly not an auspicious way to start a new semester and even showing deference to your teacher using the guise of a good demeanor will not help. Throughout time immemorial academic honesty has been an integral part of the educational experience and you should not purport to change that, even though you have found a syndicate of cheaters and enablers on line.

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    The scientist did not purport to understand his findings completely.

    The Trojan Horse was an infiltration under the guise of a nice gesture.

    Hard work is integral to success.

    Despite the mounting panic, Gary had a calm demeanor.

    While store credit cards are often a scam, the allure of free products is often strong.

    I'm too lazy to do the rest of your homework for you.

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    i always just go....

    I need help putting abash, allure, auspicious, deferencc, demeanor, guise, immermorial, integral, purport, and syndicate into a sentence.

    and theres a sentence.

    sorry if you cant use that,

  • 1 decade ago

    Go to an online dictionary. This should help you. Good luck.

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