please help me put these words in a sentence!?

i need help puting these words in sentences. I lookd them up in the dictionary and i askd my mom for help and she couldnt help me with some, so she told me to come on here and ask. Well here are the words hope you can help

1) abash

2) allure

3) auspicious

4) deferencc

5) demeanor

6) guise

7) immemorial

8) integral

9) purport

10) syndicate

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    A guise would be hiding someone "Tonight the mysterious man comes under a different guise"

    Integral is to integrate ish. "The Hard drive is an integral part of a PC"

    I've heard of misdemeanor and so guessing this is the opposite, doing something right and purposeful..

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    1. I answered the teachers question wrong and she made an abash comment to me.

    2. The young cheerleader was so alluring I couldn't take my eyes, off of her.

    3. I was given an auspicious raise after a job well done.

    4. In church I gave deference to the elders, being well in age and wisdom.

    5. The demeanor of the high school, after we lost the homecoming football game, was sad and quite.

    6.The new dress code was a form of attractive guise.

    7. My great-great grandmother photos had a immemorial effect on my family reunion.

    8. My new computer, is state of the art with integral circuity.

    9. The land my father owned was purport to me in his will.

    10. The syndicated newspaper doesn't share my the same option I do.

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    1) My friend abashed me when she laughed at my idea.

    2) The bakery allured us with the smell of baking cookies.

    3) My fortune cookie promised an auspicious new year.

    4) In deference to my parents wishes, I will not go to the party tonight.

    5) Her nervous demeanor told me she was lying.

    6) I gave food to the people huddled on the street in the guise of beggars.

    7) My birth is immemorial to me.

    8) This point is integral to his plan.

    9) The letter purports to express people's opinion.

    10) My favorite radio show is syndicated in all 50 states.

    Hope this helped!!

  • jaffa
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    1. he was a man whom no check could abash.

    2. you can allure a young child with candy.

    3. the new recruit made an auspicious beginning to his career.

    8. a motor and gearbox are an integral part of a car working.

    10. friends formed a syndicate and have a racehorse.

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  • madnob
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    I am answering this question in deference to other questions,purely due to the demeanor of the person asking,in whatever guise.I will try to make answers an integral part of of my computer enjoyment which purport to enjoy. This answer was not put together by a syndicate, but may provide some answer to the allure of your Question

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    I was abashed by, yet felt deference for, the allure and auspicious demeanor of the members of the syndicate, which was purported to be an integral guise for their immemorial basal traditions.

    Tossed in a couple extra for you ... ;-)


    Added later - - - so why did I get a thumbs down? I spent a lot of time thinking of this one. :((

  • Anonymous
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    1. To abash or become abashed, is like being overcome with shyness or timidity, as in "the boy became quite abashed when he had to ask a girl to dance".

    2. To have allure, is to somehow be attractive to others in a magnetic type of way, as in "The allure of stardom attracts many to Hollywood".

    3. For something to be termed auspicious, is for it to become highly significant or noteworthy as it relates to other facts or circumstances, like "an auspicious moment in a court case helping to determine the verdict".

    4. Deference or to defer means to bow down to someone, or allow them to lead before yourself, like "I'll act in deference to the elderly lawyer out of respect for his vast knowledge as compared to mine".

    5. Demeanor refers to someone's attitude or manner or mood. "He has an angry demeanor when speaking to children".

    6. A guise is a form of presentation to mimic something or someone. "Hoping to pull off the guise of being some important individual, he put on his most expensive clothes."

    7. Immemorial refers to a timeless honoring of something or someone. "Since time immemorial, man has celebrated Easter and Christmas rituals, all over the globe".

    8. Integral is a very important aspect that is necessary for something or someone to exist in a certain state. "Your brilliant tutoring is integral to my success in medical school".

    9. To purport is to make a statement that you believe to be true. "I purport that the world is round and not flat, as once believed".

    10. A syndicate or to syndicate is a group or to group similar things together. "The mafia is a legendary crime syndicate worldwide".

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    The integral part of homework is to practice so that the information is stored in your own brain!

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    Iono why but I get the feeling that something isn't right.

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