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How do I Change Back to Classic Yahoo Mail?

I want to go to Classic Mail, but I don't know how to get out of beta. I need help! Please help me.

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    To switch from Upgraded Yahoo Mail back to Classic Yahoo! Mail:

    EITHER: At the top left of your screen, directly under your Welcome <username> sign next to the Yahoo! Mail logo, there are three small blue links: “Sign out” “My Account” “Mail Classic”. Click “Mail Classic”.


    Choose the OPTIONS link (top right) and select the LAST option, which is “Switch to Yahoo! Mail Classic”


    Log out or close Mail, reopen Mail.

    As it is loading, there will be a link that says “Trouble Logging In?” at the top LEFT of the screen, under your Welcome <username>. Click it. You will have several options that might help with your problem. If not:

    The last option is :

    Switch back to Classic Yahoo! Mail

    Select that to switch back to Classic mail.

    Or try one of these links to switch back to Classic:

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    At the top of the beta page, next to the log in for chat it says Mail Classic click on that.

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    when I had Yahoo mail Beta, all I had to do was open my mail, and it had something that said on my page "go back to classic" or something like that, but it could have changed by now. Sorry :-(

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    If you are in Classic click on ALL NEW MAIL at the top of your email page OR click on OPTIONS on the right side of your email page and click on ALL NEW MAIL in the drop down menu. If you wan't to go back to Classic use the OPTIONS method as described to click on Mail Classic in the drop down menu.

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    just look under the yahoo logo on the left side of the page in small print said mail classic click on it you are done it will ask some dumb Q.

    good luck

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    Click the 'trouble logging in' link on the top, then 'mail classic' apears. That should do the trick.

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    1 decade ago

    look above the yahoo answers and click on the mail link.

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    Go look for the button that says classic view.

    Once you find it click it.

    P.S. Hope I Helped!!!

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    on the left side says "the classic yahoo" just click that button and whalla ur staight

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    there should be a classic button in the upper right corner

    Click it and you should be fine

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