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My hand shakes involuntarily and I don't know why. I'm only 25. What should i do?

It doesn't shake that much but it gets worse when I get nervous. Is there any over the counter medicine I can take to prevent it from happening?

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    There are several causes of tremor. One common cause is essential tremor (ET). ET is generally benign, often starts at early adulthood, and mainly affects the arms/hands and occasionally the head. Most treatments require a prescription. However, occasionally ingesting a small amount of alcohol before meals or a social function may help control the tremors.

    You should consult your doctor regarding your tremors. He/she may refer you to a neurologist, if necessary.

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    If you drink a lot of caffeine that could make you jittery. If it's only when you're nervous it's probably anxiety related. It can't hurt to visit a doctor.

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    it sounds like a neurological disorder, and that is defiantly a doc diagnosis. but first if you are on any meds go to your pharmacist and check possible side effects. it could be a drug that might be eliminated or changed.

    Gina pharmacist

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    Seek a doctor's advice.

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