Dr's nurses any person of medical field can you answer this ?s?

I got my blood results back and everything was great, I am blessed but the only thing wrong is that my thyriod is low and I have hypo thyriod and will most likely need a little medicine. What are the systems of a person with an untreated low thyriod and what are good ways diet excersize activity to get the thyriod they way it should be. For the past year I have been tired and sluggish and love to sleep? Is this normal with hypothyriod? Thanks for your answers.

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    There are many causes of an underactive thyroid ("hypothyroidism"). The thyroid gland is located in your neck and produces a hormone which affects your metabolism. When you have too little hormone, you often feel tired/sluggish. You may feel depressed. You will have a hard time losing weight, and your skin can be dry, nails brittle, etc.. The pill used to treat this is actually replacing the same hormone that your thyroid is not making enough of. Treatment is often very simple, and people usually feel much better when they are treated at the right level. The dose of the pill needed varies from person to person. Blood tests help doctors decide if your dose is the right one.

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    i'm not a dr. but have had many thyroid problems. (many!) which can be very frustrating. yes, being tired and sluggish is certainly somehing that comes from being hypo. other things that can happen are dry, itchy skin, being pale, gaining weight, feeling a little depressed longer menstruation etc. I'm not sure if there is any diet or excersise you can do, from what i understand your thyroid just works or it doesn't. but the good news is, they will probably just give you a small pill to take, and you'll start to feel better pretty quickly.

    Best of luck!

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