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What would be the best job for an American Woman moving to Panama City?


Panama City, Panama

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    You will need a work visa to work in Panama. The embassy website does not address work visas...which tells me they are not encouraging people to come to Panama to work. Many foreign countries do NOT want foreign people taking jobs their citizens need and make getting a work visa very difficult...the U.S. does the same thing. You will need to contact the Panamanian consulate and ask. Ususally, you must find an employer first to sponsor your work visa. What skills do you have to offer.?..Witout a highly needed skill, your chances of a work visa are slim. Panama DOES encourage people to retire there...retirees BRING money inot their retiring there is totally different. you may find you simply cannot obtain a work visa for Panama.

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    You could work for Dell Computers call center, or any other call center. Entry level is not that much, at about $USD 600 a month, but it's a little better than the average Panamanian middle salary. I hear that upper management positions can make about $900-$1000 a month, which is a lot of money in Panama.

    If you have a Bachelor's degreee, you could be a teacher, or even a substitute teacher.

    If you learn a little bit about the country you could be an English language tour guide.

    You could maybe be a flight attendant, but I'm pretty sure you would have to have a good command of the Spanish language as well as English if you work out of Panamanian based Copa Airlines.

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    Been an american woman meaning what: you know English and ... what else.

    A woman in Panama will have a chance to any job as far as she has the skills.

    Try to be more specific.

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    I lived in Fort Walton Beach Florida for about a year you can always find work but the pay is not ideal for living and okay lifestyle but if you have a little nest egg then you will find that place is the greatest. The scenery is the most beautiful thing you will ever see in life. Go to the beach and check out a sunset you will love the view. It might even help clear your mind and see the world and the job industry different.

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    You could teach, sell real state, I dont know... what do you do in the US?

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