Who are the advisors to the U.S President?

Specifically, who advises the President on defence and science and how are they appointed?

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  • john k
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    1 decade ago
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    some of them he appoints, ie. Sec of Defense, and then gets confirmed. Head of National Security. and any other of the secretaries or who he requests, Joint Chief of staff, CIA, or whatever pertains at the time, example look at writings of the bay of pigs, president seeked advise from many.

    and then their are those that he appoints to whitehouse positions (chief of staff ect), or just those he asks for advise from.

    Science probably not as clear, but again whom he chooses: Commerce, Energy department, again DEFENSE as in many areas they are tech leaders especially since if they can use it it wil greatly help get the industry to quickly grow enough to that investments are not as great a risk, as they will make them profitable at start-up. Maybe Health officials, labor depending on the situation.

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