How do democrats think differently than republicans?

We all know that they differ on their issues, but why? Does one group allow tradition and values get in the way of logic and reasoning? Does one see things from multiple perspectives? I'm curious to know your opinions of the psychology of these two parties.

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    I think conservatives generally dislike change. They would rather stick with the old method of doing something even if it's only working for them and not the majority of Americans. I also feel as though conservatives are more stubborn and less likely to give an inch in regards to their policies or beliefs. What they fail to see however, is that being able to see the other side of the issue, compromising and passing bipartisan legislation doesn't make one "weak" or a "flip flopper" or even the dreaded "L" word (liberal!), it means they're back to working for the majority of the American people.

    Liberals or progressives welcome change and are much more open to ideas that benefit the majority of Americans because they see it as being for the "greater good." I think the problem with liberals is sometimes their reach exceeds their grasp. Liberals believe in social and economic justice and a government that protects and serves the vast majority of Americans, not just the minority rich. Liberals also care deeply about their beliefs and are sometimes uncompromising in those beliefs, but I also find that they're more willing to look for and find common ground solutions to what ails America.

    Let's take taxes for example. Conservatives often say "it's your money you should get to keep more of it." But then why is the US subsidizing big business and interfering in the "free" market by taking more of our money from us to prop up US businessess or even businesses with profits in the billions of dollars? Some would also say conservatives wish to "starve the beast" by cutting taxes so much. Less revenue taken in by the government means less Social programs, etc. But it also means less funding for our public schools, teachers, police, firefighters, and military. The vast majority of Americans couldn't afford to pay for all of those things out of pocket which is why we have taxes, so that collectively our citizens can have access to all of those services. So who are the ones proposing a "fair," "flat" or "consumption" tax? Conservative billionaires. Why? Because they can afford all of the programs previously listed and then some. Income earned from Labor is taxed at or near 35% while income earned from investing is only taxed at 15%. Where's the economic justice there?

    So here's the Conservative solution: End all taxation and move towards a "consumption/flat/fair" tax. BUT that would work very well for those at the very top and some at the very bottom. But the vast majority of Americans lay somewhere (you guessed it) in the MIDDLE. The fair tax would have to be 30% on just about everything you buy to equal levels of revenue now taken in by our government. This tax idea is anything BUT "fair" for the vast majority of Americans.

    Now let's look at a Liberal / progressive solution to taxation. US Corporations need to remain competitive in what is now a global market. The US should lower the Corporate tax rate from 38% to 30%. A Corporation can achieve a "maximum low" of 25% if they adhere to environmental regulations and cut their carbon emissions/ pollution. BUT the US will close every available tax loop hole to those corporations. In addition to these changes, if a US Corporation still wishes to send jobs overseas to exploit a cheaper labor market they must then pay an import tax to sell their goods or services here in the US. This measure will protect American jobs and offset the potential loss of those jobs. In order to achieve more fairness in our tax code, the tax on income earned from labor will be dropped from 35% to 25% while the tax on income earned from investing will be raised from 15% to 25%.

    Personally, I feel as though these solutions are not only practical, but they are fair. Conservatives argue in favor of "fair" taxation, well, what's more "fair" than paying the same rate for income earned from labor and income earned from investing? That is, of course, unless conservatives have suddenly changed their minds about what's "fair."

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    1 decade ago

    I really do think that Democrats and Republicans view the world very differently. Republicans seem to be so much more dogmatic and doctrinaire in their political views. They view the world as a set of goals or ideals to be attained, rather than a group of relationships to be courted and persuaded. Republicans seem to be very idealistic and not given to actually doing the hard work of governing. They would rather create platitudes and then leave the implementation to someone else. The idea of "out-sourcing" is very much a Republican type of idea and has much appeal to this group who cannot stand to compromise or mitigate their ideals.

    Democrats, on the other hand, are much more practical people. They believe in some very liberal ideals of equality, economic justice, and justice for all, but they also believe in attaining these ideals one person at a time. They recognize that people are people, not push buttons and sometime need the time, training, and education, to embrace these ideals. Democrats are more likely to work with people with opposing ideas as long as we can agree on a safe protocol in which to create a dialogue and consensus of actions or tasks. It's messy, takes longer, but also lasts and treats people with dignity and respect. This way of doing things is much more Democratic even if it is less efficient and more time-consuming. It wins out in the end and when applied consistently, provides for much better results. No man is perfect and history is resplendent of men who thought they could take short-cuts in the name of a common good only to find they created more injustice and chaos.

  • 3 years ago

    They the two basically have faith they are real. Democrats tend to be socialists (proportion the wealth) , Republicans tend to be capitalists (earn what you get). They the two think of that the different ingredient is blinded by capacity of party Loyalty and does not think of for itself.

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    1 decade ago

    In todays world there are just to many mini parties with in each party. You would do best to just list the things that each party has to offer. Even then you have to think about how many people are shifting away from these two so called parties of the people. As of now more and more people are forming their own opinions about said topics.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think the democrats believe solutions are better when handled on a large scale. National solutions to national problems. They really believe we can all work together.

    Republicans believe solutions are better when kept local, in fact the less government oversight the better. They believe economic market forces can direct us in a rational way.

    I believe neither is true all the time and citizens with blind party loyalty are missing the point of living in a democratic republic.

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    If you already know what each party stands for and why, I'm not sure what else can be said.

    The difference between the two parties stems from the fact that each side shares a different ideology when it comes to how the government should be run.

    There is nothing complex about it. There is no need to get into the Psychology of it, it would serve no meaningful purpose beyond what you already know.

  • nacsez
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    1 decade ago

    at the fundamental level there is something different... maybe even genetic!

    Democrats have a desire to put the groups best interest at the top of their priority list (what those interesets are differentiates the Democrats)

    Republicans have a desire to put principles at the top of their list (what those principles are differentiate the Republicans)

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    1 decade ago

    They are two completely apposing parties with different ideologies. What one thinks is commence sense the other thinks is madness and vice versa (In theory anyways)

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    1 decade ago

    Republicans believe that the basic function of government is to protect the people.

    Democrats believe that government should take care of the people.

  • 1 decade ago

    Democrats, as a whole, are a little more compassionate for their fellow Americans who do not achieve as well as they have.

    Republicans, as a whole, believe that they should not have to give back to the system (and to the less fortunate) that has afforded them a good lifestyle.

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