Microsoft take over of Yahoo inc?

What does that mean for us die hard Yahoo users

Damn Microsoft if we wanted to use your services....we'd have MSN

What is a good alternative to Yahoo


Microsoft is like the rich kid with no friends....

Always trying to buy its way into something

Update 2:

I think I will cancel SBCGlobal, and go with Earthlink...Or AOL

I really think MIcrosoft sucks...and they could care less about the people who buy there products

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    Yahoo! users should be worried. Microsoft has a long history of buying out innovative companies and products and subsequently turning them into Passport/Live/insert-buzzword-here clones with vastly inferior functionality than their previous iterations. And in time, these properties fade to grey while slowly losing popularity. For example, Hotmail used to be the largest webmail service in the world, now Yahoo! is far & away the largest (repotedly 255 million of the world's 543 million webmail users). The list of other such takeover targets that we now no longer recognize is very long indeed.

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in his takeover letter to Yahoo!'s board of directors that they intend to "eliminate redundant infrastructure and duplicative operating costs" which is management-speak for layoffs, firing middle management at Yahoo, moving to Microsoft's technological and corporate structure, and other similar changes. Virtually all corporate takeovers of this sort are very negative to the employees at the company being purchased. It will be especially hard-hitting this time for Yahoo because of the vast difference in the way the two companies operate their businesses.

    The success & popularity of Yahoo! comes from being platform agnistic, being open, fun, using the right tools for job without caring about what OS it runs (mostly FreeBSD), giving the same service to everyone with a recent browser regardless of OS, having a creative & collaborative development culture within the company, and being open to all developers, including competitors. This could not be more different from Microsoft culture and modus operandi. The two are like day & night. Typically, Microsoft is corporate-focused and has forced integration with existing Microsoft technologies, platforms, services, and corporate policies, even if this results in service disruption & loss of market share.

    Free & open source software will be negatively affected. A consolidation of the Microsoft and Yahoo networks could shift a massive amount of infrastructure from open source technologies to Microsoft platforms (again: "eliminating redundant infrastructure"). Yahoo has been a major player in several open soruce projects: most of Yahoo's infrastructure runs on FreeBSD, they have the lead developer of PHP, are a major contributor to Hadoop, they own Zimbra, run all of YUI, and many other projects. Expect all to be abandoned over time.

    So what? What does this all mean for us Yahoo! users? Many of us have been loyal to Yahoo! over the years in no small part because it does not force a TrustedComputing / Digital Rights Management / Windows-Passport-Outlook-MSN vendor lock-in, etc etc on all users. There is a reason Yahoo! is currently the #1 internet/webmail portal. All this is likely to change with a Microsoft takeover, unfortunately. Expect integration with existing Microsoft technologies to start, elimination of duplicate servies, then probably re-branding. Just for one or two examples: your Yahoo! account will quickly become a Passport account, Yahoo!Messenger will be replaced by MSN Messenger, and farther down the road many Yahoo! services may only work well in Internet Explorer. Media Player will be exclusively integrated into Yahoo!Music, Videos, etc etc.

    Unfortunately, as a user of many email services (now with over 10 years of email on Yahoo!), nothing now exists that is as comprehensive as Yahoo! for total experience of email, contacts, calendar, briefcase, photos, and the vast armada of other services Yahoo! now offers. The best alternative so far is Gmail, and hopefully before this deal goes through in late 2008 they will take this opportunity to greatly expand Gmails' calendar, add a good address book, add online file storage, integrate Picasa & Video in with their other services, allow the creation of profiles, add something like, improve tiny Gmail Talk, etc etc. And offer an easy way for millions of Yahoo! refugees to migrate. This certianly presents an opportunity for them.

    Ultimately, this deal is bad for the internet as a whole, not just because of the all aforementioned reasons having a major impact on the internet's largest user bases, but because it will reduce competition significatly - even Google will have less pressure to compete & innovate with Yahoo! gone.

    Source(s): ITWire: MS vs Yahoo - A Clash of Cultures Data Centre Knowlede: MS Bids $44B for Yahoo!
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    In my case, it means I will do what I did when MS purchased hotmail and obliterated it's usefulness, functionality, etc.

    I will cancel my yahoo accounts I have had for a decade, and I will go to gmail & other Google services.

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    If Microsoft buys Yahoo, I will have nothing to do with Yahoo any longer.

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    i do no longer think of they could desire to. Microsoft already exhibits it won't be in a position to handle cyber web web pages or cyber web-site visitors. Their MSN arm is yet another of a gaggle of money-dropping operations propped up by capacity of its application monopoly. enable me re-word my answer. Yahoo can sell to anybody it needs, yet i think of MSFT paying for Yahoo is a dumb theory. it may be like Daimler paying for out Chrysler back interior the previous due 90s. seem at what good it did them!

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    1 decade ago

    Many ppl feel the same way as u do

    Google/Gmail will triumph

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    Yahoo better fight back. I do NOT want a crappy hotmail account. MS go AWAY!!!!

  • 6 years ago

    this is not right/

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

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