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Hydrogen Peroxide skin stain?

So I had this ear infection thing that caused my ear to bleed.. I went to the doctor and got it fixed up, and they applied a ton of hydrogen peroxide to the area to clear up the blood.. however now I'm noticing some dark brownish areas inside (and some parts outside) where the hydrogen peroxide seems to have touched. I've taken two showers and tried scrubbing it off one of the two, but the skin stain doesn't seem to have gotten any better or lighter...

Is there some way to get it off? I've heard of hydrogen peroxide making the skin LIGHTER, but why is my skin darker in those areas?

Anyway, thanks in advance.. I'm really hoping it's not permenant, it looks horrible.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have some thoughts - I may be wrong.

    Sometimes we do not notice things on our own body until something goes wrong. Then we focus in on that part of the body and actually question WHAT is that??? after a illness or trauma that exact area. When it was actually there prior to the illness or trauma.

    Hydrogen peroxide will not stain skin - It wont, it cant. I guess it could eat away at dead skin and cause some Lightening but it won't cause darkened skin.

    I know for a fact that using perfume and cologne around the neck/ear region even after a short time ..can cause Stains. Muddy stains on the skin. And guess what they do not go away.

    The only other thing I can think of is this is you skin cells trying to heal after what your ear has been through and Its best not to aggravate the skin tissue. When skin is in its end run of healing it does have a brown stain or tone to it.

    This is after red, it turns brown.

    Keep gentle care, and watch and hydrate the area. If it does not change after a few days. Consult your Doctor.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OMG..have never heard of that !!

    I have never used hydrogen pexodide............

    What about trying pure lemon juice on your skin ? Works wonders..some people use it for freckles, enlarged pores, darkened areas etc..

    I use it at times.."to freshen up"

    Just an idea....

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