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Who endorses Barack Obama?

Can someone please provide a complete and thorough list of supporters of Barack Obama? I know of John Kerry, Oprah, The Kennedys, The Post, Will Smith. But could someone please provise a more elaborate list? Also Hillary's supporters would be nice.

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    Donald Alexander (Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld)

    John Buscher (Holland & Knight)

    Kevin Chavous (Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal)

    Tom Daschle (Alston & Bird)

    Stan Fendley (Corning)

    Elizabeth Fox (Jolly/Rissler)

    Francis Grab (Washington Council Ernst & Young)

    Tim Hannegan (Wexler & Walker Public Policy Associates)

    Tom Jensen (Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal)

    Broderick Johnson (Bryan Cave Strategies)

    Mark Keam (Verizon)

    Bob Maloney (Maloney Government Relations)

    Marcus Mason (The Madison Group)

    Andy Rosenberg (Ogilvy Government Relations)

    Bobby Sepucha (Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal)

    Jarvis Stewart (Stewart Partners)

    Tom Walls (McGuireWoods)

    Michael Williams (Credit Suisse)

    Thomas Daschle, Fmr. Dem. House Majority Leader

    Adrien Fenty, Mayor of Washington DC

    Rod Blagojevich, Illinois Governor

    . Dick Durbin, US Senator of Illinois

    Richard Daley, Mayor of Chicago

    Ted Sorenson, JFK Advisor/ Speech Writer

    Zbigniew Brzezinski, Fmr. Pres. Carter’s NSA

    Tim Keane, Governor of Virginia

    Phil Leventis, SC State Senator

    Kay Patterson, SC State Senator

    Arthur Davis, Alabama US Congressman

    .Bill Beck, Mayor of Durham, NC

    Gov. Kaine, Virginia

    Frank Cownie, Mayor of Des Moines, IA

    Gov. Sebelieus, Kansas

    .Harris Woffard, Fmr. PA Senator

    Glenn Reese, SC State Senator

    .Carol Shea-Porter, US Congresswoman NH

    .Barbara Lee, California Representative

    .Betty MacCollum, NM Congressman

    .Dave Loebsack, IA Congressman

    Ted kenney, Mass Senator

    .Jim Hodges, Fmr Governor of South Carolina

    Patrick Kenney, US Congressman

    .Douglas Wilder, Mayor of Richmond VA

    CAroline Kennedy, daug. JFKenney

    Paul Hodes, US Representative of NH

    .Steve Rothman, Representative of New Jersey

    Paul Hodes, NH US Congressman

    .Gwen Moore, Representative of Wisconsin

    .Willie Hines, Chairmain/ Council of State-Wisconsin

    .Jim Doyle, Governor of Illinois

    .Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, NJ

    .Jeremiah Healy, Mayor of Jesrey City, NJ

    .Ned Lamont, US Senator, Connecticut

    (Fmr candidate Chris Dodd’s aide)

    .Dave Bieter, Mayor of Boise, Idaho

    .Mike Burket, Idaho Rep.

    Edgar Malepeai, Idaho Rep.

    Nicole Lefavour, Idaho Rep.

    Les Bock, Idaho Rep.

    James Ruchti, Idaho Rep.

    Wendy Jacquet, Idaho House Minority Leader

    Gary Hart, Colorado Senator ( Twice Pres. Candidate)

    .Ethel Kennedy, Senator Bob Kennedy’s Widow

    Jesse Jackson Jr. Rep. Illinois

    Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. -Civil Rights Leader, Rainbow Coalition

    Bobby Rush, Illinois State Rep.

    .Emil Jones, Illinois State Rep.

    Michael Fitzgerald, IA State Treasurer

    Tom Miller, Iowa Attorney General

    .Tim Johnson, South Dakota Senator

    Bill Perkins, NY State Senator

    Ben Nelson, Nevada Senator

    Janet Napolitano, Governor of Arizona

    (seen as potential VP in any Dem. Admin.)

    Bill Bradley, US Senator, NJ

    Hank Johnson, Georgia Congressman

    Jim Doyle, Governor of Wisconsin

    Patrick Murphy, PA Congressman

    John Kerry, Mass US Senator, 2004 Pres. Candidate

    Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts

    Shirley Franklin, Mayor of Atlanta

    Kasim Reed, Georgia State Senator

    Claire McCaskill, US Senator from Missouri

    John Conyers, US Congressman, D Michigan

    Patrick Leahy, US Senator, D Vermont

    Tony Knowles, Fmr Governor of Alaska

    Andrew Sullivan, Commentator

    Oprah Winfrey, TV Show

    George Clooney, Actor

    Will Smith, Actor

    Halle Berry

    Scarlett Johanson

    Zach Brafff

    Chris Rock, Comedian/Actor

    Usher, musician

    Larry David

    Cornel West, Professor Princeton Univ.

    . Kal Penn

    James Whitmore

    Ken Burns, NH Filmaker

    Hill harper, CSI’s tv series Actor

    Civil Rights / Religious and Community Leaders

    Rev. Joseph Lowery, Civil Rights Leader

    Dr. C T Vivian, Civil rights Leader

    Dr. Michael Battle, interdominational Theol. Sem.

    Rev. Dr. Lawrence Carter Sr, MLK Int’l Chapel, Morehouse college

    Rev. Gerarld Durley, Progressive Baptist Church

    Dr. Robert Franklin Jr, Emory Univ.

    Rev. Dr. Cynthia Hale, Ray of Hope C. Church

    Rev. Dr. Mathew Johnson, Christ. Fellowship Bapt. C.

    Rev. Lester McCorn, Faith AME Zion Church

    Rev. George Moore, St Philip AME Church

    Rev. Anthony Motley, Lindsay Street Bapt. C.

    Rev. Keneth Samuels, Victory Bapt. Church

    Rev. E Dewey Smith Jr, Greater travelers Rest. BC

    Dr. T. Dewitt Smith Jr, Progressive Ntl Bapt. Conv.

    Newspapers and Workers Unions

    Minesota Brown, Newspaper

    Portsmouth Herald, NH

    . Boston Globe, Mass

    Marshalltown-Republican Newspaper, Des Moines

    Nevada Culinary Union ( 30,000 local affiliates)

    Nevada SEIU; part of 450,000 nationwide members coalition of unions called “Unite-Here”

    Las Vegas- Review Journal (Nevada’s largest paper)

    Nashua Telegraph, NH

    Valley News, NH

    New York Post

    State Representative Deborah Berry (D) (Nov. 27, 2007)

    State Representative Mark Smith (D)

    State Representative Janet Petersen (D)

    State Representative Donovan Olson (D)

    State Representative Helen Miller (D)

    State Senator Frank Wood (D)

    State Senator Steve Warnstadt (D)

    State Representative Pam Jochum (D)

    State Representative Ako Abdul-Samad (D)

    State Representative David Jacoby (D)

    State Representative Tyler Olson (D)

    State Senator Tom Rielly (D)

    State Senator Robert E. Dvorsky (D)

    State Representative Elesha Gayman (D)

    State Senator Bill Heckroth (D)

    State Senator Hansen Clarke (D)

    State Representative Aldo Vagnozzi (D)

    State Representative Bert Johnson (D)

    State Representative Coleman Young II (D) :

    State Representative Sheila Leslie (D)

    State Senator Steven A. Horsford (D)

    State Representative Harvey Munford (D)

    State Representative Dennis F Abbott (D)

    State Representative Kris E Roberts (D)

    State Representative Cindy Rosenwald (D)

    State Representative Tara A Sad (D)

    State Representative Kimberley S Casey (D)

    State Senator Jacalyn Cilley (D)

    State Representative Eileen C Flockhart (D)

    State Senator Martha Fuller Clark (D)

    State Representative John W Henson (D)

    State Representative Sarah A Hutz (D)

    State Representative Lucy McV Weber (D)

    State Representative Nickolas J Levasseur (D)

    State Representative Jesse J Martineau (D)

    State Representative Margaret E Porter (D)

    State Representative Susan W Almy (R)

    State Representative Deborah L Billian, (D)

    State Representative Elizabeth D Blanchard (D)

    State Representative David A Borden (D)

    State Representative Carla M Skinder (D)

    State Senator Harold Janeway (D)

    State Representative Nancy H Warren (D)

    State Representative C. Pennington Brown (D)

    State Representative Shawn M Mickelonis (D)

    State Representative Bonnie G Mitchell (D)

    State Representative Kay Oppenheimer (D)

    State Representative James F Powers (D)

    State Representative Jane P Kelley (D)

    State Representative Sally H Kelly (D)

    State Representative James E Kennedy (D)

    State Representative Sid Lovett (D)

    State Representative Edward A Butler (D)

    State Representative Jennifer Daler (D)

    State Representative Joseph H. Jefferson (D)

    State Representative Bakari Sellers (D)

    State Representative J. Todd Rutherford (D)

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    Colin Powell become straddling that fence awhile in the past and that i wager immediately after wards, all those Republicans that declare to appreciate Powell will brush off this for sure intestine wrenching decision. I additionally discovered that existence long Republican Sandra Eisenhower is likewise helping Obama. The McCaininites on Y/A say that each and one and all Obama supporters are Dumb, nicely we are in fantastically stellar business business enterprise for a gaggle of Dummies.

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    Clooney, Matt Damon, Halle berry: but they are supporters not endorsers

    i think robert de niro does too

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    A nice video showing celebrity support for Obama, also a site that lists his supporters.

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    Al Sharpton.

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    Resko the mobster.

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    All the nut cases

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