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I was born In Sydney NSW Australia, April 6th 1991. My name is Jessica. My birth parents names are Ruth and Tom and are now split. My adoptive parents name are Beryl and Iain. If anyone knows of my birth parents please tell me.

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    Hi Jessa101 - I'm an Aussie adoptee also.

    Have you received your adoption info from DOCs yet - with full names etc, original birth certificate & adoption files???

    Once you have that - you can do an electoral roll search to see if they are listed on the current electoral roll.

    Check here to find your nearest -

    Also - you should be able to put in a search to 'Births, Deaths & Marriages' for any marriages your mother has had since then. (then you'll get her new surname to search with)

    Please feel free to email me for any help - I'll help out where I can.

    Also grab all the support you can get - it can be a bumpy ride -

    friends, family, support groups - both online and in real life.

    Online - this is a GREAT one -

    And if you're still in Sydney - check out PARC (Post Adoption Resource Centre) for in-real-life support groups and over-the-phone counseling -

    I wish you all the very best in your search.

    ETA: sorry - didn't check your age - you can't get your documents from DOC until you are 18.


    But do come on over to the support forum I linked to above - we have a teen board - and perhaps you can get some more ideas there.

    I'm sorry that you want to find them and can't.

    As I said - email me - anytime - through my profile.

    Source(s): Me = an Aussie adoptee in reunion.
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    You sound young. If you are under the legal age in your country, you may have some problems. I did. I always knew I would want to find my birth family and really started trying when I was about 16, but because I was under 18 all I got was doors shut in my face.

    First try apply for your non identifying information by contacting the agency that handles your adoption.

    There are also free web sites that you can register at with any & all info you already know. Try it has a good one.

    Best of luck to you in your search. It's going to be frustrating at times but don't give up

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    You are only 16 yet and they may try to find you when you turn 18. The only thing you can really do at this point is to continually enter their names into the internet and see if you find anything on them. This is how I finally had found my bio-dad. His son's info was on the internet about 5 years ago. I had looked constantly for about 3 years before I found something.

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    You might start with trying to find your birth dad. Men are the ones that never change there last names. Women get married and change there or like yours get divoriced and change there back.

    Good Luck

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    ok, what makes u think u have the right to look? you had a family, why is the blood so important? ever stop to think they gave you away to not be in your life, you better brace yourself for a let down if you find them and they do tell you, i didnt want you then or now... some babies are given to others to raise simply cause the mom dont\ want a child... let it go, u got a mom and dad..geeeeeeeee i would be pissed if my adopted child came looking for me

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    I wish you luck. Cause its not easy finding your parents...I know Im trying to find mine.

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    go to you can mabey find thier number or somthing. good luck!

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    look up

    _OR_ if you need help e-mail me at

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