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Question about USAA insurance?

Someone vandalized my car, and busted the drivers side mirror out, I called and reported it to my insurance company (USAA) and I have a deductible of $1000, but the damage to my car is only $300. Do I still have to pay the deductible even though the damage to the car is less than the deductible??

Thanks in advance all!!

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    The deductible means you have to pay up to $1000 and then they pay the rest. So basically you will have to pay for all your repairs. However, still report it to USAA. I believe (I could be wrong - better call them) that once you provide "proof" of paying the $300 or however else much it costs to fix your car, your deductible is then $700 for any future incidents that occur. But like I said, definitely call them. We've used USAA for 6 years for auto and property insurance and have never ever had a problem! They have awesome customer service!

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    if the damage is 300, then you pay for the damage. If it were 1500 in damage, you would pay the 1000.00 and they would cover the rest.

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