Does anyone have info on leiden factor 5? its a blood clotting disorder.?

I have this condition and am on coumadin (blood thinner) and have been on it for over 2 years, by my research i shouldnt have to be on long term therapy. I did have blood clots in my legs a little over 2 years ago with no reoccurrence. my dr who is just a reg. md says i need to be on it for life. is there anyone else out there that has this disorder? I would like to become pregnant but with coumadin it causes birth defects so i would have to go to shots every day. just wondering if anyone has anything similar. thanks


i had several clots in both legs after i had injured my back and was not able to move around very well for a few months and they was not detected for a few weeks till i had emergency gallbladder surgery. I am not sure if i carry both genes or just one. I plan on calling my dr and having a consult with him next week. i do know that i got this from my biological mother who died after my birth from a clot back in 72.

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    It is possible to be carry a child through pregnancy, but you must be carefully monitored.

    Before becoming pregnant, I'd suggest you consult a specialist rather than just a general doctor.

    Treatment for Factor 5 will usually last for three to six months, but if there are several clots it could take longer. In severe cases the course of drug treatment may be continued indefinitely; in very rare cases the blood clots may need to be surgically removed.

    Women carrying two genes for Factor V Leiden will need to receive treatment with a heparin anticoagulant medicine during pregnancy. The same applies to women carrying just one gene for Factor V Leiden who have previously had a blood clot themselves or who have a family history of blood clots.

    All women carrying a gene for Factor V Leiden may need to wear special stockings to prevent clots during the last half of pregnancy. After the birth of the child they may be prescribed the anticoagulant drug heparin.

    See links for additional information that I hope will be helpful to you.

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    Here's a link to get you started, if you don't mind a little technical reading,

    Before we could assess your risk of recurrent blood clots we need to know a few things. Were your previous blood clots spontaneous or were they result of something else (e.g. trauma, surgery, pregnancy)? If they were the result of pregnancy then obviously you're going to want to think seriously about being on blood thinning agents if you try to get pregnant again. If they were not then I have another question for you.

    Were you tested for other clotting problems including at least the following: protein C deficiency, protein S desficiency, phospholipid antibodies, lupus anticoagulant, and the thrombin gene mutation. These are pretty techncial terms, but your doctor should know what I'm talking about. If you were not tested, consider getting tested. If you have more than one clotting tendency then you may want to consider lifelong blood thinning agents.

    If you had a clot due to a known, nonrepeatable event, like a surgery, even if you have Factor V Leiden deficinecy, then you are probalby correct. 12 months of warfarin may be sufficient. If not then you may need to consider long-term blood thinners. The risk of blood clot during pregnancy goes up dramatically and getting a blood clot while pregnant can harm both you and the baby, so there are twice as many reasons to avoid getting the blood clot if possible.

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    hi, i have a blood clotter disorder as well....MTHFR genetic mutation. I do know that factor 5 is also one of them. you need to follow up with a good hemotologist who will monitor your INR levels.

    I've been seeing one for 2 yrs. because my primary MD told me that they are the best ones to take care of clotting problems. good luck to you. PS: I have been on lovenox shots and haven't had any trouble.

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