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How much is a root canal treatment at an endodontist versus a dentist?

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    In my area, endodontists charge a couple of hundred more per tooth... don't forget it's their specialty...

    When a root canal treatment is performed, it's the pulp (nerve) of the tooth that's removed, not the root itself. It's called a root canal because the nerves go from the pulp chamber down into the roots, which are called the canals..........

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    a dentist should NOT do a root canal. an endodontist is a specialist who will remove the root of the tooth without wrecking the tooth itself. this is a SPECIALTY. if it gets screwed up, you would definately not like it. i just had it done a few weeks ago and i am happy to say that it was totally painless. in nj area, about $900 for the root canal but dont forget, a dentist has to come and cap the tooth and i havent had that part done yet.

    mine is done in three steps, a temp is put on, a mold is cast for the crown, then the crown is put on. i have no idea what this costs but thank God i have dental insurance.

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    An endodontist usually charges nearly twice as much. For a root canal, I wouldn't go to a general dentist but rather a dental surgeon. Dental surgeons usually charge more than a general but a lot less than an endodontist.

    If your tooth has decayed badly and requires a specialist attention, then stick with the endodontist. I couldn't afford one so I went with a surgeon who did an excellent job.

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    An endodontist charges about 10 times as much.

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