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White exo grid baseball bat?

Ok where i live there is a little leauge rule baseball rule saying you can not use white bat and i have a 33/30 white exo grid and i was wondering if i should paint it if that would be ok with the bat

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    They sat you can't use a white bat because it could possibly blend in with the ball. It's a stupid rule but that's why. I don't know if you should paint it because they might say that it's illegal. If the bat is still returnable I would get the plasma gold. I have that bat and it has alot of pop.

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    Don't crack your bat on purpose. They will know. Trust me. What you want to do is call the manufacturer and explain your situations. Tell them that your bat is illegal because of the white barrel. Spray painting a bat would be detrimental to your bats integrity. You would not get the proper grip on the ball and thus your batting average would drastically suffer.

    I recommend you contact them (being Louisville slugger) by phone. Tell them your situation and see if they will send you the red barreled bat. It is virtually the same bat, they might ask for an additional thirty dollars, but try to see if you can just pay for shipping and then have them send you a new one! Here is a picture of the bat i am talking about....

    There will not be a big price difference from where you got it from and this.

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    The Exo Grid is a wonderful bat, yet i think of the Easton Stealth and the DeMarini CF3 are somewhat extra helpful. in case you have an interest in paying for one i'm able to get you a discount code for any of them for the positioning under.

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    I never heard of that rule, pretty stupid if you ask me. You cant paint it becuase it will eventually just come right off when you hit with it so you would be wasting a lot of time and money. So the only thing is just return it or sell it to somebody (Ill buy it if its in good condition) and buy another bat.

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    if the warranty is till good crack it and get the red exo, which is pretty sweet. but as far as painting it, i dunno about that, not sure what kind of paint you would use without making a big *** mark on the ball after you hit it hah

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    the better question is why the hell are you using a -3 in little league

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