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You've got to be joking!! David West??

How could David West make the all-star team over guys like Deron Williams, Baron Davis, Marcus Camby, Tony Parker, and Tyson Chandler!!

Absolutely ridiculous selection on the part of the coaches.



I agree that Brandon Roy was a very questionable selection also.

Didn't anybody see Baron Davis and Deron Williams in the playoffs last year??

How quickly they forget.

Update 2:

Thanks for bringing up Ginobili, I didn't mean to leave him off.

Tyson Chandler is a much more important player to the Hornet's success then David West.

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    Its ridiculous that Baron Davis and Tyson Chandler didn't make it but David West is a great player, theres also too many good players in the league

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    David West is having a great season, but I would've given it to D Will or Baron Davis.

    Marcus Camby- Too many Nuggests already and he's only know for his defensive presence, which doesn't translate to an all-star game.

    Tony Parker- is hurt (again) and would miss the all-star game


    Tyson Chandler- is on the same team as David West and West is the better of the two.

    HOWEVER, the guy more deserving than anyone is Manu Ginobili. He is the spark for the Spurs and they truly struggle without him. He's instant offense and an exciting player to watch.

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    But look how well New Orleans is playing this season. But you guys all talk about Baron Davis, Camby, Parker, Chandler, etc. But what about Al Jefferson? Granted he plays on the worst team in the NBA right now but don't disregard his 21+ ppg. and 12+ RPG. Without Jefferson the Wolves would be lucky to have even two wins.

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    Other than maybe the exception of Camby... West is there because he earned it.

    Davis had great stats but he's a guard and in a crowded conference of talented guards...

    West is averaging 19 and 9 boards a game and Chandler is averaging 12 and 12. You do the math, Camby has a case but these other players didn't outperform West by much if anything. I mean Tony Parker!? how does he even warrant a mention?

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    oh please.....can you see the All Stars beyond the stats of the players......

    David West made it because the All Star game will be at New Orleans

    Roy made it because his team have been surprising this year, so they have to have a representative there

    Baron did not make it since the coaches only have to picks 2 more guard (beside Roy), and for sure it will go to Nash and CP

    get over it......

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    I don't think Brandon Roy should even be on the roster. Baron Davis deserves it more. His stats are way better than Roy's and The Warriors are doing better the the stupid Blazers. They suck.

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    David West is the right player to have in there.He's way better than those other no names you mentioned.

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    I think David West derserves it. He has great numbers this year. If you wanna be mad, be mad about who the fans chose. Like Melo and AI derserve to be there. Their team is mediocre at best. If they are both that good why does Denver suck. And don't even get me started on Yao!

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    i just dont understand how baron did not make it at all, everyone deserved it whose on the team and all, but baron deserved it the most.

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    West is a pretty good foward but shouldn't be put over D. Will or Davis.

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