Black Means ground?

I need to ground my cb antenna and i was wondering if i can run a wire from the antenna to the black port on my power supply. is that a ground?


Tried the ground on my outlet. It overgrounds. the signal diverts to to outlet. By black port i mean that there is a Red and a Black DC power connection. I know red is the hot one but i am not sure if black is the ground.

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    1 decade ago
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    A DC power supply generally has Red as the + (positive) and Black - (negative). Unless you have a schematic for the power supply, I would not tie the Black to Earth ground. You can use Earth ground for your antenna. Preferably through a Lightning Arrestor to ground.

  • Matt D
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    1 decade ago

    Dont know what you mean by black port on your power supply. That maybe tied to ground but you shoud test it first to find out. You can connect your antenna to the third (bottom) pin-receptacle (the round one) on a regular ac power outlet Best bet is to connect to a cold water pipe somewhere.

    Additional comment:

    Don't understand your statement "It overgrounds. the signal diverts to to outlet." Boils down to this: if you can confirm that the black port is connected to the utility ground (the round bottom pin receptacle at the ac power outlet AND the black port is connected to your power supply chassis, then you could connect your antenna ground to the power supply chassis.

    You can confirm chassis to black port to power-outlet-pin continuity with an ohm meter. With the power supply off, check for continuity from the black port to the chassis to the utility power ground.

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