surveyy :] you know you want to take it!?

1.east coast [new york] or west coast [cali]:

2.favorite food:

3.beach or pool:

4.favorite drink:

5.favorite movies:

6.favorite t.v. shows:

7.favorite pair of shoes:

8.long or short hair:

9.shorts or pants: color:

11.eye color:

12.sports you play:

13.what's for dinner:

hope you liked it. hahah i was bored :]


my answers :]


1.east coast [new york] or west coast [cali]: west coast please.

2.favorite food: raspberry gelatoe & a burger & fries. lol.

3.beach or pool: beachh. getting tan & the people there i love!

4.favorite drink: vanilla milkshake or smoothiee.

5.favorite movies: step up. zoolander. bring it on 3 & 4. titanic. ocean's 13. & many moree.

6.favorite t.v. shows: america's next top model! degrassi. the hills. life of ryan.

7.favorite pair of shoes: flip flops! ilove them all.

8.long or short hair: longg!

9.shorts or pants: shorts. summer. best time of the year :o) color: brown

11.eye color: bluee. i love em.

12.sports you play: lacrosse. tennis. & some golf with my dad-- but i love to drive the golf carts so thats a plus. haha.

13.what's for dinner: pizza? lol.

Update 2:

hahha i love new york because i live there. but i like cali too :]

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    Ooooh, YAY! I love these types of surveys!!! They're sooo much fun!

    1.east coast [new york] or west coast [cali]: Cali, because I live there! But New York would be really awesome to visit!

    2.favorite food: grilled chicken sandwich and ice cream

    3.beach or pool: Beach! I love everything about the beach; the sand, the water, watching the sunset, surfing, and wearing a bikini! LOL! I guess you could wear a bikini at the pool too, but I couldn't resist typing that part!! Hehehehe! I ♥ bikinis!

    4.favorite drink: Lemonade! =)

    5.favorite movies: The Devil Wears Prada, Legally Blonde, What a Girl Wants, A Cinderella Story, Clueless, and sooo many more!!

    6.favorite t.v. shows: America's Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, So You Think You Can Dance

    7.favorite pair of shoes: Flip flops! I couldn't live without them!! I wear flip flops practically every day!

    8.long or short hair: Long hair! Short hair on a girl makes you look kinda like a boy, no offense!!

    9.shorts or pants: Shorts! I love the summer! And I ♥ short shorts!! Hahaha! Whenever I say "short shorts" it reminds me of that song, who wears short shorts we wear short shorts......... LOL! =) color: Brown

    11.eye color: Hazel

    12.sports you play: Cross Country and Track & Field

    13.what's for dinner: idk. I'm not sure yet!

    Great survey!!!

    ♥ I hope this helps! ♥

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    1.east coast [new york] or west coast [cali]: west coast, cuz i

    live there, but i ♥ new york =]

    2.favorite food: anything italian, but ecspecially fettucini alfredo

    3.beach or pool: BEACH! lol =]] there's nuthin quite like watchin the sunset and surfin a good wavee =]]

    4.favorite drink: Root beer, water, or Jamba Juices Strawberry Surfrider

    5.favorite movies: Clue, Clueless, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Music and Lyrics, Dream Girls, Peter Pan, Anastasia, Sydney White, Legally Blonde 1 and 2, Drop Dead Gorgeous and soo many more!

    6.favorite t.v. shows: Kid Nation, Big Brother, Dancing With The Stars, House, America's Next Top Model, Hannah Montana, The Hills, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, The Moment of Truth, and Super Nanny =] lol, thats a lot i kno

    7.favorite pair of shoes: my ballet flats

    8.long or short hair: Long, i've never looked good with short hair, tho when i was 4, after i watched the movie Mulan, i cut my own hair reallyyyyy short!! lol

    9.shorts or pants: Shorts in the summer and at the beach, pants for any other time =]] color: Red = P i really don't care for it

    11.eye color: Dark brown

    12.sports you play: Volleyball, surfing, basketball, competitive dance, and water polo

    13.what's for dinner: mm, idk, i should probably ask =]

    haha, this was fun, thanks =]]

    luv ya lots♥


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    1.east coast [new york] or west coast [cali]: Im from Sanclamenta Cali.

    2.favorite food:Mexican Rice.

    3.beach or pool:Beach

    4.favorite drink:RedBull

    5.favorite movies:Juno,Simpsons the movie,Broke back mountain,Saw 1-4,Epic Movie,And soo much more = )

    6.favorite t.v. shows:Degrassie,Laguna Beach,Life Of Ryan,Made,ANTM and Janice Dickerson Modeling Agency!

    7.favorite pair of shoes:My Reds By Marc Echo

    8.long or short hair:Long

    9.shorts or pants:Pants color:Blonde

    11.eye color:Blue

    12.sports you play:Golf

    13.what's for dinner:Idk Yet

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    1 decade ago

    1.east coast [new york] or west coast [cali]: East

    2.favorite food: Mexican, Chinese and Italian

    3.beach or pool: Both

    4.favorite drink: Water

    5.favorite movies: Blood Diamond and The Notebook

    6.favorite t.v. shows: Greys Anatomy

    7.favorite pair of shoes: Uggs and my brown coach ones

    8.long or short hair: On guys longish. On me I like medium

    9.shorts or pants: Jeans color: On Guys: Blonde or Brown

    11.eye color: On Guys: Blue or Brown

    12.sports you play: Swimming

    13.what's for dinner: Food

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    1 decade ago

    1.east coast [new york] or west coast [cali]: east coast baby!

    2.favorite food: fries & pancakes! not together though lol

    3.beach or pool: pool!!

    4.favorite drink: iced tea

    5.favorite movies: mean girls

    6.favorite t.v. shows: i havee tonss

    7.favorite pair of shoes: haha too many to choose lol

    8.long or short hair: long

    9.shorts or pants: shorts color: brown

    11.eye color: brown

    12.sports you play: field hockey, tennis, dance, cheer, etc.

    13.what's for dinner: i had fettuccine /w chicken & broccoli yumm!!

    this was really fun!!! make moree!!!

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    1.east coast [new york] or west coast [cali]: east coast. i'm from New York.

    2.favorite food: Sour Patch Kids

    3.beach or pool: pool

    4.favorite drink: gingerale

    5.favorite movies: Juno

    6.favorite t.v. shows: House

    7.favorite pair of shoes: etnies

    8.long or short hair: short

    9.shorts or pants: neither. jeans. color: black

    11.sports you play: running, football ocassinally, skateboarding

    12.what's for dinner: i don't know.

  • 1. East Coast. I live in New Jersey

    2. Bagels! XD

    3. Both

    4. Water

    5. Barefoot In The Park

    6. Don't have one

    7. I dunno

    8. Medium

    9. Pants

    10. Browns

    11. Brown

    12. None

    13. Pasta

  • mechem
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    4 years ago

    a million. Hugs. 2. the two. 3. purple. 4. canine. 5. Spring. 6. facebook. 7. None, yet I performed soccer, did tae kwon do, performed softball, performed basketball, and danced quicker or later in my existence. 8. 17. I turn 18 in 19 days. 9. i've got not got one, I only have an excellent sort of close friends. 10. hen. 11. the two France, Russia, California, long island, or North Carolina.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1 west coast [cali]

    2 ramen noodles

    3 pool

    4 pepsi

    5 the land before time

    6 spongebob


    8 short

    9 pants

    10 dirty blonde

    11 brown

    12 bowling

    13 shrimp alfrado

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    west coast i was born in california [[:

    my dads mashed potatoes with baked chicken mmmm

    beach i love the sand and water !

    chick-fil-a's lemonade, i gave up soda for new years :p

    the ring, drive thru, mean girls, any scary movie !

    gossip girl, the hills, gauntlet III, crowned, and many more

    flip-flops ! i live in florida so they are a must

    long !


    i have blonde hair

    blue eyes <3

    tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, and sometimes golf the the country club !

    last night i had chick-fil-a because were moving so everythings packed but i love chick-fil-a !

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