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RHH Section: Black History Month Appreciation Threads?

As u should already kno, tomorrow Feb. 1st marks the first day of Black History Month. If you are in school, and its anything like mine, you probably kno BHM is treated as just another month, or perhaps in your workplace, its not a really a topic of discussion. So I wanted to bring something to the RHH section to help acknowledge, honor, and celebrate this historic month. Starting tomorrow, and runnin everyday thru February, I'll present a "Black History Month Appreciation" Thread. The formats for each thread will vary. One day I may have a "Who Am I" type thread, where I'll leave clues (facts about that person) and you the user will guess who that person is, somedays I might research for myself or with the help of someone else, and present that person and his or her story to you all. I dont wanna give all the info away regarding the different formats I'll use rite now, but there will be an activity everyday (all the formats will probably overlap). As stated earlier, I kno this month isnt a hot topic in alot of schools, workplaces, etc., but this is somethin that i'd encourage everyone to participate in, regardless of race. its about raisin awareness, and opening your eyes to Black History past Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. so ya kno, if your just sittin on Y!A, be sure to check these threads out startin tomorrow, preciate cha

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    that is so good. cuz i know that at my school (aka redneck country). and why not just do this for the rest of the year? i could never get enough black history, especially since i'm 16 and keep getting accused of taking things for granted.

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    I believe they should be. It will show the evolution of hip hop from past to present. They can point out how everyone thought that hip hop was going to be a passing fad. Also, since not all of the mentioned artists make consistently negative music, I think it would be a good debate topic on how people like Al, Jesse, etc are quick to say that hip hop is corrupting the youth of today. I know a lot of people say that they don't deserve a spot in history, but for the most part alot of hip hop stars have made signifigant contributions to society. Whether it was starting a charity, or giving money to the Katrina victims, or donating money to Africa for the water crisis....I think these things are monumental and shouldn't go unrecognized. Just because they are rappers, and might say b*tch every now and then, doesn't make them any less important. If Bill Clinton can get written into the history books for gettin' his d*ck sucked....then certainly Run DMC should have a place in the book too....

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    I don't know why but it's almost like the title of "Black History Month" was given and should be enough to keep people happy, as if education about those individuals that had an impact beyond Dr. King and Malcolm X (with all due respect) is now irrelevant. I have a lot of respect for those that try to spread a greater message concerning those historical people that are often overlooked. Good Job.

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    I think this is a very good idea, and I would love to contribute to this series too. These days the only way in which you can be taught black studies is at higher institutions. High Schools only talk about European History, and American History (not including black history). I remember in High School the only people we learned about was MLK, Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X (X only because we read the book in class). We have alot of great black leaders, and it's too bad that not many people know about them.

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    Tomorrow I'll re-ask a question no one answered on MLK day... Ten Most Afrocentric Hip Hop Songs. By the way does anyone know any of the names of the first black slaves freed by participating in wars like the American Revolution? Does anyone remember learning about Crispus Attucks in the Boston Massacre? Massachusetts is all about the revolution. Count me in.

    Edit: It didn't? I learned that some slave masters offered thier slaves freedom if they fought in the wars.

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    i am aware that tomorrow marks feb. 1st and that feb is black history month. my school used to do special assignments, projects etc

    but i don't think elementary schools do that anymore. and high school doesn't do that either.

    I believe that it would be much smarter if they just incorporated asian/black and other history with the history that they are learning so we can become well rounded people. i know that you can take classes like that in college but you know :)

    yeah i like that idea :)

    that's very good of you to do that i think :)

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    to straight outta--- "the names of the first black slaves freed by participating in wars like the American Revolution" <<<< that never happened.

    i guess hnic needs to do some educatin..

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    Yeah my school doesn't acknowledge it either, besides the Black Student Union doing something.

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    Great idea HNIC! Just make sure you dedicate one of those threads the G.O.A.T. Tupac!

    (Stop cringing, that was a joke!) lmao

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    yeah my schools like that but this year i decided to make it known to at least my classes and many of them were like ok and they told their friends and im having a black quote everyday from any african american that made a difference in our society. its sad to see that not many ppl recognize what an impact African americans have made in history!

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