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Ginger w/ locs?

First, let me get this said. I don't want any answers like "ewww, dreads are GROSS" or any answers. I've done my research, I know how I'm going to get the dreads. Now to the question. How would a caucasian w/ fair skin, a circular face shape, and red hair look with smaller dreads. I've gotten mixed reactions, so opinions from people w/ locs or people who appreciate them would be nice

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    i think you'd look good with small ones, somewhere between the size of a pencil and your index finger would look best in my opinion. be sure to roll them often. and try to get a dread perm, your dreads will look a lot nicer and lock up much better with a dread perm. they wont be lumpy white people dreads, theyll be nice tight ropelike dreads. get the perm with the thread, not on curlers, those ones are gross. they wrap twine around the dread holding it nice n tight and straight then perm it, not wrap it around a perm rod so you have curly dreads for a few weeks, *bleh*

    Source(s): stylist, i do dread locks, wore them before.
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    i wouldn't like it so much but if you like it that's all that matters.

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