My 2003 Hyundai Elantra CD player is giving me an Er6 Error but all of my CD's are good. How do I fix it?

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Try cleaning it with a CD cleaner kit.
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  • AndrĂ© C answered 6 years ago
    Are you using MP3 Cd's , or maybe CR-RW (rewritables), or multisession cds ?

    My elantra's cd player can play original cds or burned, but only Audio cds (the one that only stores 80 minutes of music, or 15 tracks average)
    And if you are using burned cds, you should use CD-R kind. no CD-RW, no DVDs, and no multisession, etc.

    Hope this help !!! =D


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  • Maya`s dad answered 6 years ago
    you dont, your cd unitis no longer recognizing cd`s, you`ll have to replace your radio, If you have a warranty on the veh, see if it will cover it, if not look into crutchfield
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  • honestjonny answered 6 years ago
    Keep the CDs and throw the car away.
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  • dukebrar answered 6 years ago
    Same problem is with my 2002 comodore' player. Best thing is to install new player. Because that old player don't play all the cd's. whereas those cd's runs good at home or other player. jst replace it!!!
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  • tex11e76 answered 6 years ago
    It depends on what sort of radio you have in it.
    Is it an MP3-01?
    In Australia it would be an MP3-01 or MP3-02.
    If it is one of those it is cheaper to replace the unit than have it fixed.
    If it was taken delivery of after Sept 03 it wont be in warranty.
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  • Jo J answered 6 years ago
    you lie..your CDs are badand are burned off your computer!! you downloaded illegally and now you must pay the price!
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