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Healthy diet for athletic teenage girl?

I'm 14, 5'1". I play basketball, volleyball, and run track. I know I need carbs and protien so becoming vegetarian is out, and I don't want to become unhealthy, but I dont know how much to eat and what to eat.

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    well first i will say im glad u know about needing lots of carbs and protein...since u are athletic, u need to eat around 2200 calories a day or more...and just to tell u, u can have some junk and still be healthy(and u exercise anyways!) here are the basic healthy foods(of course u know about) and some healthy snacks and u can make ur own meal plan but i will give u a few ideas...



    -whole grain/wheat breads/pasta/brown rice/oatmeal--these are ur carbs

    -low fat dairy(2% milk, yogurt, low fat ice cream or frozen yogurt, low fat cheese)

    -lean protein/meats like chicken, turkey, egg whites)

    -nuts/seeds...peanut butter is VERY healthy 2



    -baked lays chips


    -100 calorie packs

    -breyers double churned(and no added sugar) ice cream

    -chocolate peanut butter ricecakes

    -frozen fruit with fat free cool whip

    -quaker chewy granola bars

    -fruit pops

    -lean pockets

    -chocolate milk

    -graham crackers

    -vegies and dip

    -pretzels and fat free cream cheese


    -oatmeal and a banana

    -cereal(watch sugar)...get whole grain cereals

    -granola and yogurt

    -english muffin and peanut butter

    -toast and jelly

    -an apple could go along with anything

    -scrambled egg whites and low fat or non fat shredded chedder cheese

    -whole grain mini bagel and fat free cream cheese

    for drinks: milk, chocolate milk, 100% juice(preferably orange)



    -beef stew


    -grilled chicken




    -hamburgers or hotdogs







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    Well, all I know for a fact is obviously healthy foods.

    Stay away from breads that are white.

    Grains have lots of carbs, I think.

    &an athletic/active teen usually is supposed to get 1800 to 2000, I believe?

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    Eat lean protein (chicken, fish, egg whites), stay away from red meat...Never skip breakfast it keeps your body active and healthy. My favorite foods, chicken, salmon, turkey/swiss sandwiches, a lot of fruits and veggies. Don't eat chips, candy, or anything with high sugar. Best of luck!

    Source(s): I am a A&F model
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    You are very young to be on a specific diet, but there is a website called you should check out. It is geared towards healthy lifestyle. It is totally free. Maybe they can help you. Good luck with sports and your healthy lifestyle!!

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    maybe eat a nice healthy sandwhich for lunch and eat a smaller dinner at night like have some spaghetti and meatballs and all that good stuff. just try eating healthy and in smaller portions like i do.

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    If you're athletic, don't worry about your weight. You can eat whatever you want, and just burn it off from your running, and playing in your sports. I don't think you have to be any certain weight for any of those sports anyway. (:

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    Go to It's really awesome. It gives you complete diet information for your individual info easily and free. Click on "my pyramid plan".

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    eat small portions. good carbs and a lot of water

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    Here is a good way to calculate how much of wat you should eat each day and body mass index.

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