island of adventure?

i saw a program on tv about theme parks, and island of adventure looks amazing!

does anyone have any info on it?

all i know is that its somewhere in america.

where abouts is it and how much does it cost to enter?

i'd love to go, it seems like a great place to go for my 21st =] thanks xx

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    Universal's Islands of Adventure is a great theme park located in Orlando, Florida. I have went there many of times. It is own by Universal and lies beside Universal Studios Orlando. A nightclub area (Citywalk) is also part of the Universal Orlando Resort. They also have 3 onsite hotels however i recomend that you stay on one of the hotels on international drive due to the high rates. Islands of adventure has 5 islands. Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park, The Lost Continent, and Suess Landing. Here is a list of the rides....

    Marvel Super Hero Island:

    a) Incredible Hulk Coaster- High speed rollercoaster.

    b) Storm's Force Acceleration- Spinning, thrilling ride.

    c) Dr. Doom's Fearfall- 200 ft. freefall ride.

    d) Adventures of Spiderman- Moving 3-D Ride.

    Toon Lagoon:

    a) Dudley's Ripsaw Falls- Exciting log flume.

    b) Popeye's Bilge Rat Barges- Soaking river rapid ride.

    Jurassic Park:

    a) Jurassic Park River Adventure- Thrilling water adventure.

    b) Flyers- Fly above Jurassic park on a rail high above the island.

    Lost Continent:

    a) Flying Unicorn- Small family rollercoaster.

    b) Dueling Dragons- 2 Dueling hanging rollercoasters that give a thrilling experience.

    c) Poseidon's Fury- Very exciting walk-through show.

    d) Sinbad- Show.

    Suess Landing:

    a) Cat in the Hat- Family ride.

    b) One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish- Rotating kid ride.

    c) Carousel- Neat version with suess-type animals.

    d) Train- Goes above the island and follows a soty.

    e) If I Ran to the Zoo- Kid area.

    Islands of Adventure usually costs around 50$. Islands of Adventure has the Fast Pass System which allows guests to not wait in long, boring lines. They have a variety of restraunts and souvenier shops themed to the island they are in. In 2010, Islands of Adventure is planning on adding another island to the bunch. It is planning on adding the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter." Its is said to be "a theme park within a theme park." It will have a new state of the art ride and will had the village of hogsmade, the forbidden forest, and hogwarts castle. It is said that you will be able to enter hogwarts castle and J.K. Rowling has been supportive on the project. For more information about this part of islands of advenute go to

    Islands of Adventure is a great place to go and i hope you will eventually get to go there. Go to for more information on the parks etc.

    good luck!

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    It relies upon what sort of group you're: Thrill Rides: Dueling Dragons Hulk Dr. Dooms relaxing yet no longer as frightening and intense: Jurassic River adventure Spiderman Ripsaw Falls Popeyes Barges large youngster Rides/factors of interest Jurassic Playground Cat interior the Hat Flying Unicorn typhoon stress talking Fountain interior the misplaced Continent despite you do do no longer see the Sinbad coach. The Trolleys in Suess landing are additionally a 40 5 2nd boring journey which you always wait upwards of an hour for the comparable thought applies to the incredibly longer and extra ideal Pterodactyl Flyers in Camp Jurassic. have relaxing!

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    universal studios Hollywood was a studio that was turned into a theme park. the universal studios Florida was made to be a theme park. and compete with Disney world. they build a second park called Island of Adventure. its a small park (compared to some of the others) but its filled with great rides. i would go to both parks for the best experience. go to to check out what its like.

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    Islands of adventure is located in orlando florida and it is located right next to universal is an amazing theme park and i would recommend it to anyone! its so much fun and is very family orientated. i love the jurrassic park ride and the different lands that are there are very creative! i would definatly say that you should go!!

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    I love Isalnd of Adventures, i went there in December!! its right next door to Universal Studios in Orlando,FL.

    here is a link that tells you about the park:

    here is one with the cost:

    It is so much fun, I would definetly recommend going!!

    hope i helped :)

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    There are other ones as well. Try going to universal's website. I recommend as well, since it contains something for everyone: Thrill Rides, Kiddie Rides, and Moderate rides! I highly recommend "Ripsaw-Falls".

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    Never heard of it. It's probably a park within a park. Check Disney World and Land (FL & CA).

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