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Ok, was Sean Hannity kidding yesterday?

I am confused, with Sean Hannity's monolouge yesterday (1-30-08), i was so confused and very mad. Was he OK?

Was he joking about changeing his views and backing mcCain and all?

What was he trying to say?

I don't get it. Will someone please explain to me what it was all about!! Thanks.

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    Of course he was kidding. Perhaps he went on with the gag too long and some people thought he was serious.

    One example of this is Mary Matalin. She was on Hannity & Colmes last night and told Sean that she was ready to throw up, until her husband (James Carville) burst out laughing and told her it was a gag. Mary also told Sean to NEVER to that again (with a smile on her face).

    After a short while, it was obvious that Sean was not only trying to do a convincing gag; he was also trying to poke a majority of McCain voters in the ribs for not recognizing McCain's previous abandoning of conservative principles: amnesty & social security benefits for illegal aliens, no tax cuts despite Congress refusing to do spending cuts (Reagan knew that tax cuts were good even if he couldn't force Congressional spending cuts), and no drilling for oil in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

    So yes, he was joking about backing McCain. Even today, Sean Hannity is pointing out how Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is endorsing McCain, claiming how "environmental companies" are both making money and saving the environment. The problem is that Arnold ran as a Conservative against Governor Gray ("Grayout") Davis; and now Arnold has shifting to the left.

    If Americans don't wake up, America will turn into one giant California, where the Chief Executive (the President) will simply be a "Presider" over big government, like Arnold is.

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    For most Republicans, beating Hillary or Obama is essential. For a real conservative like Hannity, Fred Thompson is out, Paul is way off in too many areas and Huck is not pulling his weight. I believe that Hannity is not backing Mitt possibly because he is a Mormon, but more then that I am sure. McCain is all we have left (pun intended) to insure that we don't get total tax and spend Dem's in there sabotaging a chance for victory in Iraq.

    Having watched him enough, I think that is where he is at.

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    Hannity is a loose cannon, you can't predict what's going on in his minuscule mind. Listen to Randi Rhodes, "where the Hannitized go to get sanitized."

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