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How to find the force of a bullet?

A bullet of mass 0.0018 kg initially moving at 486 m/s embeds itself in a large fixed piece of wood and travels 0.54 m before coming to rest. Assume that the acceleration of the bullet is constant.

What force is exerted by the wood on the bullet? (in Newtons)

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    There is no force from the wood, it only provides absorption and distribution of the power inherent it the projectile. It is a passive resistance. This resistance can be measured by various means and instruments that take into account target mass. vs impact velocities.....I think.

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    F = ma

    the mass of the bullet is 0.0018kg

    the acceleration is found by solving the following formula for a

    v² = u² + 2as

    a = (v² - u²)/2s

    the final velocity (v) = 0

    the initial velocity (u) = 486m/s

    the distance (s) = 0.54m

    Solve this for a then solve the initial equation.

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    F=ma. Repeat the mantra...

    F=ma. F=ma.

    Bullet. Know m. Check.

    Goes from 486 m/s to 0 in 0.54m. Use the V² formula. Know now a. Check.

    F=ma. Now know force.

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