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Spybot Search & Destroy?

I updated spybot (anti-spyware) yesterday iv been using it for ages and this has never happened before but when i updated it said that an outsider has infected the update with some malicious code and it told me to scan my computer so i did and kaspersky,avg and ad-aware found nothing WTF? :S

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    Uninstall and reinstall Spybot.

    I can't guess what caused that problem, but there is a new version of Spybot (v1.5.2) that fixes all the bugs from v1.5.1.xx.

    Since you are looking at a reinstall anyway, you may as well get the new version.

    The new version will soon be integrated into an update, but as of now you have to do a clean install to get it.


    As for the matter at hand, Ad-Aware is about useless anyhow. You need to scan with a real antispyware like Superantispyware and/or Spyware Doctor Starter Edition.

    > Superantispyware:

    > Spyware Doctor Starter Edition:

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    He probably hacked the code, but added something that is harmless to your computer. If they would've added something malicious, it would have had an instant effect. And if it is hacked, and malicious code is added, AVG or Adware will do nothing to help, because it's not a virus.

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    restore your computer to another time and delete spybot and go to cnet and get a different type of spyware

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