Double Major vs. Major&Minor?

I can't decide what should I do. I am a freshman in college.

I have an option to take a double major in accounting and finance. It looks very interesting to me because I will have more open doors. (i am not completely sure what finance is all about in details, however it sounds great on the paper)

On the other hand, I was thinking also about taking accounting major with management minor. That way I would know where the money goes and how the company is arranged which is, I think, a good basic education overall.

Finally, I plan to get MBA after I graduate (maybe this will help you to give me an advice). My goal is to be more attractive to employers, so I would like to know whats best for me

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    A double-major in accounting and finance is a great option. My personal opinion is that you'll have one or two management classes as required coursework- and you won't need any more.

    Regarding an MBA. If you already have a double major in business/accounting, it doesn't make sense to get an MBA immediately afterwards. The better MBA schools require at least 2 years of work experience anyway. At that point in time you'll be able to see if it makes sense to get an MBA.

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    Is it possible to do a double major accounting and finance and a minor in management? Since your planning on getting your MBA the extra hours shouldn't be too taxing. Ask your adviser.

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    All of the answers sound really good. My personal opinion, the only reason you should double major is if you know going in that this is what you want to do and if the career you are seeking requires it. As the previous person stated, most employers look at your work experience and other social activities. They like to see that you can not only apply yourself at school but also apply yourself outside of it and STILL do well at school. They like to see that kind of consistency and responsibility - it shows you will do well multi-tasking and they will have a little more confidence in hiring you.

    Again, before you invest that time, look into what you want to do before you commit to a double major b/c it is a lot of work! Visit your career center for help, they are really good about offering advice that actually works!!!! :)

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have two minors. Doesn't really come up when I go for job interviews. They look at the Major and my work experience but it all vary's for the line of work you are going for. Accounting and Finance majors def sound like a good one two punch.

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