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The EL from portage park to downtown?

Can anyone tell me how I can get from Portage Park to Downtown using the "EL"? I'm not from here. Please and thank you. By the way, sorry if I spelled it wrong.

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    angelaminor82 - I'm not sure exactly where you're located in Chicago but if you are in the Portage Park area and you want to go downtown by the "EL" it's rather simple. The city of Chicago is laid out in grids of 1 mile (8 blocks) each and every four or eight blocks has a bus route. Major bus routes are on Diversey (2800North), Belmont (3200N), Addison (3600N), Irving Park (4000N), Montrose (4400N) and Lawrence (4800N). Take the bus to the Blue Line (O'Hare) EL and take the EL going SOUTH to downtown.

    First stop at a currency exchange and get a CTA pass or you'll have to pay cash ($1.75 for the bus and $2.00 for the EL)

    Or take the Milwaukee (56) bus going south to the Loop. Bus fare is $1.75.

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    take the Irving park bus to the blue line or if u don't want to take the subway then stay on the Irving park bus until u reach the brown line. either one will get u downtown hope this helps u out at all

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    Take the CTA bus east on Irving Park to the CTA train station at Pulaski (It's under the expressway). That train goes directly to downtown (Clark and lake is the first stop).

    If you have a transit card, it should cost $2. If not you have to pay $1.75 on the bus and another $2 to get on the train.

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