Ideas to celebrate a 50th birthday, please!?

My family is dispersed all over the place so a family and friends get-together is unlikely, so how can I celebrate with my husband, just the two of us? We have had many city breaks, luxury spa weekends, adventure weekends and all that sort of thing and they are not as 'special' any more. What could you suggest as a real 'one-off' luxury that the two of us could share to make a special and memorable day. I'd appreciate any suggestions.


thanks for suggestions. What I'm after is a whole-day experience somewhere, quite unique. Just me and hubby.

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    Why not,spend the evening at home send the children if you have any to friends for the night,then prepare your lounge.make it into a little love nest,maybe change the colour of the light bulbs to pink so it looks cosy and warm,close the curtains,order in a curry or Chinese,have a bottle of wine,soft music that you both like,you could do away with the main lights and use candles,(more romantic) put cushions on the floor and a big table cloth and eat your meal like you would a picnic,choose things you can eat with your fingers like ,king pawns,spare ribs,dim sum.poppadoms and feed each other little morsels.Act like teenagers again .Sometimes the simpler things make the best times.

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    get married again, then send a postcard to the family!!

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    a good bottle of wine and I wish you a lot of happyness!

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    go to danceeeeeeeeee

    just dance dance and dance!!!!!!! everyone wont ever forget you two smiling!

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