literature review 裡應該寫咩??

literature review 裡應該寫咩??

需要包括d 咩內容??


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    1) A summary of the relevant theories, research

    evidence, and descriptive materials bearing on the proposed research,

    including all information, published or otherwise, that aids in

    understanding and helps to explain the background to the research.

    2) The literature search should be fully described

    showing the keywords and scientific databases used. A strong

    emphasis should be placed on refereed journal papers which can

    provide evidence of existing knowledge of the selected topic, obtained

    through scientific methods. The review should not only describe

    relevant theories, previous research, and descriptive material that have

    a bearing on the study, but also evaluate its worth. Evidence of

    independent analysis of the available literature should also be

    demonstrated. A basis for the chosen research topic should be


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