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高手!!幫忙翻譯下文 拜託!!





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  • 1 decade ago
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    Finishing this homework,I got much and learned many new words

    even it was difficult to me.Finally,I had the sense of acheivement by

    doing this.

    The former chapters,all of them were fabulous storys,gave me

    many messages.Although my English was not very good and

    translating into English might be a trouble to me,I can get the

    summary of them.To do so,I knew many usages,grammars and reading

    techniques,and,I think,they will help me a lot in learning English in my

    junior high school time.Now,I got used to reading English newspaper

    by this experience and used the Internet to solve my problems after

    studying the information again and again while I was comfused.

    Doing this homework helped me a lot.Before,I was afraid of reading

    English didn't think that I could finish this homework. Actually,it was a little difficult to me at first,but I got the key of learning English to

    guess the meaning of the new words finally and now,I am on the way

    of learning.

  • 1 decade ago

    Do this homework helps a lot to me, I learn to a lot of words, although do very tired,......The time finished doing has much of sense of achievement.

    Ago several article was all parable story, in giving the person a lot of apocalypses, after turning over into English, because my English degree, not very good, so turn over to have a little to take a lot of doing, but......More or less still keep understanding, I learned a lot of grammars, and the basic common sense of English sentence, this to my junior high school three years, will definitely have a very great help, I also from high school to a lot of techniques of reading, also starting will read some English newspaper, while being some more difficult words, I will make use of some existing data on network and see one more several time, will relatively become accustomed to.

    Do this homework, to me help really big, saw English article, will have a kind to fear, at the beginning see this homework before, really having no self-confidence can chase her to complete, but just start in, really have a little a difficulty, but end, will more do to more start, you can start judging this word of probably meanings, here will meet among them a lot of difficulty, but at last can according to schedule pass, I really learn a lot, true.......

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