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    撒嬌真是很難翻, 盡量向那個意思...

    1. I really want to act like a spoiled child and to nestle to you. You probably will go crazy by my personality of acting like a spoiled baby child.

    2. Other than traveling, can you think of other ways that will help us to know each other? It is true that the distance between us is far. It will take 12 hours to fly.

    3. I don't understand what is bothering you. Tho I have one thing that bothers me. I have a pimple under my chin, but I don't usually have pimples.

    4. I have standards in my mind to judge my behavior. I never do things that will sell my soul out.

    5. Do you think asterism will cause big problems? I am afraid of Pisces people.

    6. You have learned French for a long time. When will you start writing to me in French?

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