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can you tell me these five social studies questions? did winningthe battle of fort ticonderogahelp the patriots later in the war?

2.why did the britsh hire mercenaries to fight the war? did the amrican victory at trenton affect americans did winning the battle of saratoga effect the remainder of the war?

5.why did african american patriots fight in the war?

please help me i have to turn this into my social studies tearcher . i am only in 5th grade.

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    you can find all of these answers in your social studies textbook

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    I was a 5th grade teacher for many years. The purpose of your textbook is to *teach* you, but only if you are willing to study.

    "i am only in 5th grade." You should have learned to study and take notes by this time.

    A student is one who studies. A pupil is one who occupies a chair.

    Good luck to you...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Read " Rise to Rebellion" by Jeff Shaara

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