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what is the sumo-wrestler diet?

How do they bulk up? Also, what kind of workout regimine do they have?

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    Rikishi=respectable term for "sumo-wrestler"

    Daily exercises, starting at 9AM usually:

    "Shiko: A stomping exercise strengthens hips and legs. Most Rikishi do about 500 a day.

    Teppo: An exercise for the arms and shoulders. A rikishi faces a large wooden pole and strikes it with the palms of his hands.

    Suriashi: Another leg exercise, is performed in a crouching position with the hands bent at the elbows. The rikishi slides his feet forward, alternating legs.

    Matawari: A stretching exercise, where a rikishi sits on the floor with his legs as far apart as possible, and then leans forward until his stomach touches the floor. Usually they require assistance, so, another rikishi will push him down farther or hold his legs apart."

    Diet of a rikishi:

    1) They do not eat breakfast, or midday (on most occasions).

    2) Overeating at night forces the body to store the extra energy as fat.

    "The traditional meal is a stew called chanko-nabe. It has some kind of meat (fish, seafood, chicken, pork, or beef) and is served with rice and vegetables. Although the meal is high in protein for rapid weight gain, Chanko-nabe itself is not fattening. The secret is in the sheer amount that Sumo wrestlers [will] consume.

    Sumo wrestlers also drink large quantities of beer. Alcohol increases cortisol levels which leads to fat deposits around the abdominal area, creating the ‘beer belly’. This is desirable in sumo wrestlers since a large stomach makes them more stable in the ring."

    They also sleep almost immediately after eating.

    Hopefully that helps! ^^

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    Sumo Wrestlers look anorexic in comparison with the average American.

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    oh, i watched a show on this once, in japan or whatever they eat this funky food that is supposed to make you really fat but be good for you at the same time. i forget what its called but try too look for something like that on the internet!

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