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How exactly is a Democrat like Obama going to supposedly unite a 2 political party country like the US?

Will he all of sudden not be a liberal anymore if elected President? Will he all of sudden turn into a WASP when/if he becomes President?

Obama has some good things say but the only thing he's going to be uniting is his own party if/when he wins the nomination.

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    Obama can united both parties because he is, by virtue of his color, the bridge to both parties. He is the evidence of the level of changes that can be affected by a democratic and liberal government.

    The Right-Wing conservatives will have to come to the middle of the road in their political thinking. If Obama is elected, Government will be showing the evidence of what effective change really is. The republicans will have to start being a little more liberal-minded in order to show us that they, too, can effect changes that will improve lives.

    There isn't much evidence of improvement of life in the last 7 years with the Republicans in the White House. In fact, I believe it will take us decades to clean up the mess that Bush has made of our country.

    The republicans were against Civil Rights. Civil Rights Laws, initiated and fought for by the democratic "liberals", is why Obama is able to run for President in the first place. Republicans will have to accept that Enrons, Haliburton, and all those who padded their pockets at the expense of stolen retirement funds, inflated stock values, and human lives in Iraq, will no longer be tolerated by the Commander In Chief.

    No more cowboys in the White House!

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    Bringing people together does not mean that 100% of the population will agree with him. But he should do better than what we have now. If he wins and has a Democratic congress, it should be expected that Democratic principles will be more common. However, he should get input from the other side. Find goals and solutions that are in all our interest. There is much both sides can agree on.

    It is easy to work with politicians on the other side. It is harder to get support from the general population on the other side. Kenedy and Reagan were good at that. Hopefully, Obama, in his own way, will be as well.

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    Ahhh, yet that's what makes democracy dazzling. If the answer to the questions posed by applying working a rustic have been straight forward then a working laptop or computing device or a dictator could desire to do a stable job of it. we desire debate and we desire war of words because of the fact it produces something very on the area of the appropriate result. If one political celebration runs the rustic poorly the different opposes them on key subject concerns and wins the subsequent election. If any us of a is punctiliously united then its people are not thinking perplexing adequate with regard to the superb a thank you to run it!

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    It's a socialist fairy tale.

    He just says what (dumb) people want to hear about hope, dreams, the future. He seems like a socialist to me. He would force things upon people; perhaps that is what all the uniting is about!

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    B/c HE HAS A HISTORY OF WORKING WITH REPUBLICANS AND INDEPENDENTS. Here are some bi-partisan bills he wrote:

    Keep Americans Warm Act of 2007

    This legislation would provide an additional $1 billion in emergency funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program to ensure that millions of low-income families, senior citizens, and disabled Americans are able to heat their homes, keep their lights on, and cook their food during the coldest months of the year.

    The Fuel Economy Reform Act of 2006

    To reduce gas consumption by half a trillion gallons by 2028. It would enable domestic manufacturers to develop advanced-technology vehicles by giving them tax incentives. The bill would lift the current 60,000-per-manufacturer cap on buyer tax credits to allow more Americans to buy ultra-efficient vehicles.

    Education Opportunity Act

    Make grants available to low-income high school students to earn college credit at their local university or community college.

    Amended Department Homeland Security

    The amendment bars Department of Homeland Security from awarding contracts and grants of more than $5 million to federal contractors, so they have to pay taxes.

    Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act

    This act requires the full disclosure of all entities or organizations receiving federal funds beginning 2007 on a website,, maintained by the Office of Management and Budget. The website opened in December 2007 as a result of the FFAT act of 2006.

    Hate Crimes - Matthew Sheppard Act

    Is a proposed federal bill that would expand the 1969 United States federal hate-crime law to include crimes motivated by a victim's actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

    Lobbying and Ethics Reform

    Creates strict bans on receiving gifts and meals from lobbyists; new rules to slow the revolving door between public and private sector service; and an end to the subsidized use of corporate jets.The bill would create an outside ethics commission to receive complaints from the public on alleged ethics violations by members of Congress, staff, and lobbyists.

    That's how he's going to unite the parties. He's a great mediator!

    OBAMA 2008!

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    he isnt. the democratic and republican party are like two kids. they each draw their line in the sand and dare each other to cross over

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    No you are right he won't become conservative but unfortunateley alot of people in the US vote W/ there hearts and not their brain! We can thank the MSM for this.

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    He will win people over with his charm and smile... just like Bill Clinton did 16 years ago.

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    they don't use complete sentences how would any of the politicians cooperate? poly-tic

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    He listens to Republican ideas. He's willing to work with Republican leaders. He considers all points of view and tries to find answers that are mutually beneficial. Not all people buy into the idea that those who think differently from you are your enemies.

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